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  1. So you actually had 2 from BB with issues? I went thru 3 open boxes. The third one runs the best. First was extremely bad but I wasn't aware of this forum and the workarounds so I just returned it. Second one I did the workarounds (remove fan plates, use Ryzen Controller, MSI Afterburner) and it worked great. However, I just decided to return this one and picked up another open box from BB. This one, I did all the updates like my second one but used only Ryzen Controller. It's running great. Such a weird model.
  2. I have the BB variant which has the 16GB RAM. For Shadow of the Tomb Raider I get the results on the link you posted. This is a point in time result. For gaming, you want sustained results and the only way for this laptop to achieve that is you must be willing to make both hardware and software mods. I posted a few post back what I had to do. Remove the fan plates and use Ryzen Controller to modify the CPU settings.
  3. Yes, it's 100% CPU bound. I ran the benchmark for the Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the CPU has never caught up to the GPU. This Ryzen 7 3750H is a POS CPU. I posted my tweaks a few posts up. Also, the big key is removing the metal plates with the black covering. We're looking at a 13C difference. The amount of airflow with them remove is like night and day. Putting ur hand by the vents and you'll immediately notice the difference. It's a poor design choice by Asus in an attempt to keep the dust out. Also use a laptop cooler.
  4. I guess I should just return mine. I'm concerned about the longevity of this unit especially cauz it runs hot. With Asus support being the way they are, it's not worth the stress.
  5. I think u might have an extra 0 in ur 80,000 number. I also have a Lenovo Y545 which has the i7-9750H and the 1660 Ti which just scored 8612. This is with the GPU OC 200 and mem 500. The ASUS GA502 has a far weaker CPU, more comparable to an i5. Also the 1660 in it is the max-Q variant which is weaker than the ordinary 1660 ti. So, around the mid to high 6000 seems about right.
  6. It made a huge difference for me. I went from 93C to 80C max running a shadow of the tomb raider benchmark. I also used Ryzen Controller to set VRM 30 CPU max temp set to 100. The GPU temp wasn't affected as much as this unit is severely, 100%, CPU bound from the TR benches. From 80C max to 77C was the GPU improvement. I even have the GPU OCed by 200 at the core and 500 at the mem. Running in performance mode with a laptop cooler.
  7. U could glue the fan plates and cover back. I doubt they'd even notice for warranty purposes.
  8. I've never used any mode lower than Performance. Have u tried performance mode? I don't here any coil whine in that mode.
  9. I forgot to add that I'm using a cooling base as well. Without it running the GPU OC +150 and Mem +500 in performance mode works as well. That black film over the fan is the oddest design I've ever seen. It let's zero airflow in. Once that was removed, it was a world of difference. I'm still on BIOS 300. Scared to try BIOS 302 since it's working perfectly now. They need to do a recall on this unit and take care of that cooling fan film.
  10. After hours and hours of testing, I've found the best solution thanks to everyone here. Those plates on the fan have to be removed. Period. No ifs and or buts.They're supposed to prevent dust from entering but the design is so poor. I placed water on the black film and water doesn't even go thru! Effectively, it just blocks airflow which defeats the purpose of a fan. Secondly, be on BIOS 300 and make sure ur updated on drivers. Using the MyAsus app seems to work. Thirdly, run Amoury Crate in performance mode. Fourth get MSI Afterburner and OC the GPU 100 and the mem clock 1000. Perfect! After