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  1. I asked them and they don't think so. Can't imagine any channel that has these blocks either. They have weird color changes in the middle of the screen as well. Shouldn't this be warranty?
  2. So I've done the pixel refresher, that didn't solve it.
  3. So my grandparents gave me a call that their tv was acting weird. Something with colors and "blocks". It seems at the bottom of the screen there are some things (see pic) like it's burned in like plasma tv. But it's a LG OLED. Anyone knows what this is?
  4. Rx 580 Sapphire + Special Edition. I run 1080P 144 Hz. Bought a 50,- cooler from a local store. So not crappy but also not top notch probably. I haven't done the benchtest 8 hours yet. But in my own experience benchmarks don't mean the world, because sometimes I would run one for a longer period of time, only to have it crashed in-game within 10 minutes.
  5. Hey guys, I've got an I7 4790K which runs 4,7 Ghz on air at about 1.27Vcore. Just got a fresh delid so thermals are very low (70 degrees when gaming after a couple hours). I just got into overclocking so learning a lot, but I was wondering whether getting a liquid cooler might be a smart thing to overclock it further (maybe to 5 Ghz or beyond?). Would a relatively small increase in Mhz get some extra FPS in games like Warzone ( I know it's GPU bound, but was just wondering if that would help). Right now I can't get good temps at 4,8 Ghz on air so hence the question. I
  6. I don't have a band, but I do regularly ground myself
  7. All looking fine. I think it's electrical because all three drives snapped at once.
  8. A photo of the PSU connectors is not really possible right now. But since I'm using those cables right now I'm assuming they should be fine. A picture of the SSD's, sure if you really want. But there's really nothing to see.
  9. All looking fine as far as my knowledge goes for these things.
  10. Nah if they wouldn't just "click" I wouldn't have tried to push them in.
  11. Also tried the "Dead SSD revival trick", so plugging it in, going into bios and just letting it sit there. But since it doesn't actually run that method was kind of a last resort.
  12. Yeah I tried plugging it in another PC with different cables, the whole thing. It wasn't detected in either (boot area and actual bios).
  13. Nah I bought them seperately and they were working fine before. I got the HDD's from a reputable shop but they were years old already. The SSD I got secondhand because I wanted to see the performance of SSD's before spending a hundred bucks on them. I did look up whether the seller had good reviews (which he had) and the SSD was a Microm M600 so shouldn't be faulty. Worked fine for months.
  14. I don't think they fit and I don't think that this has been the problem. Just wanted to double check. Well then I'm clueless how it happened, but that's okay at least I know it isn't this.