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    DevBlox reacted to WereCatf in How do you open-source code without letting it get stolen?   
    Owning the copyrights to the code does not in any way or form stop someone from just copying your code and using it. A copyright license does not prevent anyone from stealing the code -- it literally only applies to people who choose to honour it!
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Eigenvektor in Python preferably, Network Compression?   
    Next up - using jpeg for network compression.
    On a more serous note - deflate will not be quick enough network traffic. It's not a good idea. Yes, it yields a better compression ratio, but it's relatively slow speed will *insert a more violent/expressive phrase for 'utterly destroy'* the performance of a network. That's based on compression benchmarks on larger files (can't find any other sources at the moment), so what you will see does depend on a lot of factors. If there's any seriousness to this - it must be thoroughly benchmarked. That might be: compression ratios, added latency, CPU usage, memory usage. OpenVPN is already not doing too well on the CPU usage (sometimes latency too) part.
    I've not heard any prominent projects using deflate for network traffic, I either don't know enough projects, or the reason stated above is in play, and no one's willing to use it because they've done their research.
    Be careful when taking advice from the OpenVPN codebase though - it's already a heap in some significant ways (it's single-threaded and user-space only for a start). Things done there are not in line with high performance VPN networking for the most part.
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    DevBlox reacted to shadow_ray in Ubuntu program auto restart [SH?]   
    i think you could also use systemd to manage it
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    DevBlox reacted to Dat Guy in convertion error on C function   
    Bonus gotcha:
    cout<<str; Yeah, no. Won't work in C (and - technically - not even in C++ unless you pollute your namespace).
    Seems like someone copied stuff from the web without spending a second on thinking first, to be honest.
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    DevBlox reacted to Sauron in Mostly C, Any programs that can automatically "adapt" existing source code to use a gpu instead of cpu?   
    If it were that easy it would be built into every compiler. It is not. GPUs work differently and code has to be written specifically with GPUs in mind for it to work.
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    DevBlox got a reaction from shadow_ray in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    Multiple implementations for the same operation and then checking for support at runtime.
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Eigenvektor in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    Multiple implementations for the same operation and then checking for support at runtime.
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Vishera in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    Multiple implementations for the same operation and then checking for support at runtime.
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    DevBlox reacted to Sauron in Share your batch files!   
    sudo chmod -R 000 /*
    Someone actually saw this in my signature and ran it. True story.
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    DevBlox reacted to Radium_Angel in Share your batch files!   
    Naa, do dangerous, run this instead, it's more fun
    :(){ :|: & };:
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    DevBlox reacted to Radium_Angel in Share your batch files!   
    sudo rm -rf /
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    DevBlox got a reaction from PrimeMinister in Trying to learn more about AMD   
    CPU wise, I get much better performance on my tasks for a much better price. Threads is what I need, and higher-end AMD CPUs have plenty. They have Intel so far back in the dust in this regard it's crazy.
    GPUs are not as competitive (feature-wise especially), but I've still got one. That's because I run Linux and I don't even need to install drivers on my system, AMD cards have that perk there.
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Ravz in Prerequisite for learning Python?   
    Master Python first. You'll just make it harder for yourself if you try to learn C on top of that, it's a completely different beast, Java is yet another different beast from both of those. In regards of language/level of abstraction/technology specifics at least. You'll get lost in the details, you won't be as effective as fast. Python is much faster to get started with. Even if it's not the best language to do things with in the long long run, arguably, I guess that's just an opinion anyway. Since you can have a professional career out of it still.
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    DevBlox reacted to boggy77 in Prerequisite for learning Python?   
    No point in learning other languages just to learn python. Each of the languages have the same level of difficulty for learning. You must understand that you shouldn't be trying to learn python. You should be trying to learn programming. Python is just the tool (or language) to communicate with the pc. The principles of programming and the algorithms are the same in all languages. 
    Imagine replacing "programming" with "maths" in your question above. Learning spanish(java) of french(c++) won't help you better do maths(programming) in python(german).
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Ravz in Prerequisite for learning Python?   
    Willingness to pull through with a task (exercise, project, whatever) when you don't understand anything and the going gets difficult. Everything else you learn on the go.
  16. Informative
    DevBlox got a reaction from KhakiHat in VS Code or Xcode?   
    I'd dare say VS Code is more flexible, the amount of extensions is vast. It works great on all platforms too, it's not vim, but it's definitely fast enough.
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    DevBlox reacted to Unimportant in VS2019 - Auto convert macro to constexpr results in slower code?   
    What is supposed to be constexpr about this? It's just a plain non-const int called g_lerp_enabled.
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    DevBlox reacted to straight_stewie in what language to start?   
    OpenGL and Vulkan are both APIs, which require platform specific implementations from device manufacturers in the form of device drivers. They are not languages in the sense of the word that you are thinking of.

    Graphics programming, especially that which interacts very directly with the the underlying graphics device API (Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX...) is one of the most difficult areas of computer programming. Just about the only thing more difficult in the field of graphics programming is writing the API implementations themselves. I don't say this to discourage you, rather to convince you of the importance of focusing primarily on gaining an extremely good understanding of the fundamentals of programming.

    Generally, when we want to interact very directly with these APIs we use C++. Given that, I have two recommendations:
    No programming experience Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup Intermediate to advanced programming experience The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup These books are written by the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup. They target C++11, which is plenty good enough and has every core feature of the language and standard library. Most of the features introduced in C++14 and C++17 are primarily targeted at advanced developers needing modern multithreading and generic programming support.
    Some additional topics of study for low level graphics device programming would be primary school level trigonometry, basic vector operations, and state machines (as this is a simple way of thinking about these low level graphics APIs).

    Once you get a good handle on C++, I would recommend LearnOpenGL.com. It's a pretty good introduction to modern OpenGL, and provides you with a very good launching point to jump off into the more advanced features of OpenGL 4+ as well as the fundamental knowledge you will need to jump into other graphics APIs.
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    DevBlox reacted to Sauron in What's the gain on learning multiple languages?   
    Real programmers write in binary using the butterfly effect to flip bits in memory. Anything more bloated than that and you're just a disgusting pythonista shill with more money than talent.
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    DevBlox reacted to Sauron in Anyone's elses brain just isnt fit for programming?   
    Programming or not, working as a freelancer is never going to be stable. If you're unable to go to office regularly for some reason then look for positions that allow you to work from home - 3D animation is something you can definitely do from home. Part time jobs are also a thing.
    Regardless, programming isn't something you can just "get into" in a few months and just start profiting from it - particularly if you lack the patience to work on a new skill every day.
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    DevBlox got a reaction from minibois in Create .exe file from object files?   
    Well, if your source code is gone, you're gonna have to figure that out with manual tools. Visual Studio will probably not help you much. Read about the build procedures and try to complete them manually. That's gonna be a pain though, might be better to just rewrite the code, depending on what you've got there.
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    DevBlox reacted to LAazsx in Microservices Architecture (First Timer)   
    Good point. I've revised the diagram.

    Since Procurement contains Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order, will each require it's own logging and consumer/producer services? 
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    DevBlox got a reaction from Ben17 in What's the Oldest Hardware in Your System right now?   
    I have a laptop. It has an old Pentium that runs at 433Mhz, has 64MB of ram, ATI 3D Rage GPU. Unfortunately I can't tell what model it is or even if the clock speed of the CPU is correct as I don't have it lying around right now, but I think it was manufactured in 1994-96 or something. The best part is, it still works and I can play Doom and Quake on it . I'm keeping this one as an old treasure.
    I have another a bit newer machine that has AMD Athlon 2800+ (Barton core) CPU, 2GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce FX 5700, time of assembly was sometime in 2003, this pc stuck with me for a long long time, as I had no money to buy a new one, I learned to program on that machine, it still works too. I'd sell it, but it would be for so cheap it's not even worth it, so I just keep it
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    DevBlox reacted to Eigenvektor in Help with conditional statement in Java   
    Would be helpful if we could see the type of "binaryChars", "lightBulbArray" and the contents of the method "isOne". Also, which if statement? I see two of those
    I'm assuming binaryChars is a "char[]". In that case you probably want to compare to the character '1' and not the number 1.
    binaryChars[n] == '1' The character '1' is equal to number 49 (Its ASCII code).
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    DevBlox reacted to colonel_mortis in How to Have a Website send Notifications (HTML, CSS, and JS)   
    You can't send notifications from any browsers on iOS, because Apple wants you to make a proper app instead. For other browsers, you have two options:
    The web notification API is supported in all modern desktop browsers, but it not supported on most mobile browsers (as I understand it, you can make it work on Chrome on Android but it's not as straight forward as other platforms) and requires you to have a tab open to send the notifications. That tab is responsible for figuring out (eg by polling the server) when to send a notification. That's the method used for notifications through the forum. You can see some example code, as well as more complete docs, on MDN. The Web Push API (part of the progressive web app specification) lets you send notifications from the sever, which are pushed to the user's device even if they don't have the tab open. It's a bit more complicated to implement, but it's much more powerful and is supported on desktop and mobile browsers other than iOS and Safari. The Google developer docs are good for push (but there's a lot to them).