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  1. there isnt such thing as 4th gen cpus for desktops but for laptops yes
  2. lol im no where near any microcenter i live in ireland so the closest to a microcenter would be currys pc world but with shit prices
  3. they really should add more microcenter shops around
  4. ya and if you go with a $70 one the ram speed is about 2333mhz at most
  5. XDXD like that comparison but where i am intel boards are a good bit more expensive
  6. yes thats what im saying costs a good bit more to go with intel i think about 90 is decent for an AM4 mobo but intel like 120+ for a decent one
  7. woudnt that just be going to what i asked in the first place it would cost more to go with intel
  8. oooof ok then u probs shoudnt it says its 600w but its probs about 450-500w so its way less reliable
  9. yes then you should be fine overclocking dont over do it tho
  10. woudnt you then just have major overheating problems and it reduces the life span of thos gpus