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  1. U mean different AIBs ? MSI XFX etc...? If so yes there is difference in temperature of the card , noise , and sometimes a bit of power consumption and performance. Look at reviews and see the best one for the price.
  2. Lmao , i thought u already won it. Don't get ur hopes too high bro. It's like 400-500k people signed up. If u wanna save and buy, just save and buy a 3080 or a 3070. They have all you need , ray tracing and really good performance for the price.
  3. Which one ? 6800 xt ? Fucking flip it on ebay for 1500$ lmao , easy money. Just kidding , is it by any chance the Jayztwocents giveaway? Or someone giving it to you ? Tbh the 6800xt is just pure raw horsepower , it's a truly powerful gpu , and AMD is working on a DLSS alternative and more features. The 2080 ti is still very powerful and has more features. It really depends on what you want , mediocore ray tracing performance and insane performance in general ? Or good ray tracing performance and mediocre performance ? Depends on the resolution as well...2080 ti is go
  4. Minecraft RTX doenst even work with AMD gpus , if both are the same price and you really care about rtx then it's 2080ti , if the 2080ti is more expensive...don't do it. 6800 xt is roughly 40% faster and cheaper. Maybe wait and try to get a reasonably priced 3070
  5. Not possible , review kits are already sent out to many reviewers , with the new Z590 boards , 11th gen is releasing mid to late March.
  6. But why release 11th gen then ..? My opinion is that they want to cash out on shortages , they know what ever they put on shelves will sell , so this is just a quick cash grab and 12th gen is the true competitor to amd
  7. I was reading an article about a rumor of the performance of some Alder Lake CPUs. And the article said this line up of CPUs is expected 4th quarter this year or Q1 next year. Is that even possible? They are gonna release 11th gen in a month or less , is it possible they release new CPUs in 3Qs only ?
  8. Idk i just went on nicehash and checked things out , I'm very new to this crypto stuff. It said I'd be mining BTC not ETH. Idk
  9. Bro , bitcoin is 52k usd , mining has never been this profitable , even with my expensive 0.18$/kwh ,3060 ti can pull 6.4$ of pure profit/day.
  10. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the info !
  11. Dam , 700 mv ? 0.7 V only , that's an agressive undervolt , wonder if I can get such a thing with this Ampere card , i don't know how good they are at undervolting
  12. I don't really mind , i can get its value back in 2 months of mining , and maybe when stock stabilizes like 4 5 months from now maybe even buy a better one like a 3070 ti.
  13. Hmmm agressive fan curve meaning it will be slightly loud might have issues while studying. I'll see what I can do , thanks man
  14. Ye but I heard it heavily hits the vram , and especially since I have an FE i heard those have vram issues on the 3080 , not sure if it's the same on the 3060 ti.
  15. Hi. I recently managed to snag a 3060 ti, and i currently have exams so it's just sitting there until i finish them. How bad is cryptocurrency mining to gpus ? Will it die in 2 months or so ? Or can I run it to mine a bit and make some bucks instead of it just sitting there. Airflow on the card is good. 80+ gold efficiency psu. Will I be able to use the pc while mining ? For college work and stuff nothing heavy on the gpu at all.