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  1. From Chile. Most components are pretty expensive
  2. i´ve been looking to get a 80 plus bronze Psu for quiet a while now, current one is a Evga w1 600w, my understading is that that is kinda overkill on the watts side for my build also im tired of ketchup and mustard cables i´ve been checking: EVGA 500 BQ be quiet! 500W SYSTEM POWER U9 Corsair CV Series CV650 and i wanted to know your experience with these brands and particular series of psu, any comment helps! thanks in advance. all are tier c on the psu tier list... i think. My build: Amd R5 2600, rx 580 (though i wanna upgrade to rx 5600 xt i
  3. But do you think zen 2 is worth the wait? or should i stick with zen+? thanks!
  4. Hi guys, i´m trying to build my first pc, i don´t have much money and pc components in my country are pretty expensive. I,ve been looking at some processors and i think im going with Ryzen. Im currently between getting a Ryzen 5 2600/1600 af now or wait for a Ryzen 3 3rd gen. I was wondering which one would be better for gaming and productivity. Is it it better to get Zen2 or zen+ is ok for the future? My gpu is a radeon 580 8gb OC and im expecting to upgrade it in a couple of years or something like that. i would very much appreciate any tips or ideas on the subject thanks a lot!