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  1. Thanks for the help so far, btw Tried some new things (although the situation didn't change yet)
  2. cryptsvc.dll is present I downloaded the batch file and klicked run as administrator after Reboot net stop wuauserv works as intendet net stop cryptSvc: the requested stop, resume, or ending of that process is invalid net stop bits: Intelligent Background Service is not running net stop msiserver: Windows INstaller is not running Both Ren commands: File could not be found When trying to Update, the same error message apears (0xc190012e)
  3. Error for "net stop cryptSvc": HELMPSG 2191 My Windows is in German so I'll try to translate the requested stop, resume, or ending of that process is invalid Error for "net stop bits": service is not running Error for "net stop msiserver": Windows Installer is not running
  4. Yes, but I did get some error messages while trying them. Would have to send you the exact message later as I am still at work
  5. Every other Update (Network, Chipset, BIOS and so on) works perfectly fine
  6. The only thing I found when looking for that error regarded 1903 but nothing about 2004/20H2
  7. Did that with the computer in my company, but that didn't resolve the issue either
  8. Since the problem occurs only after a few minutes/load maybe check the thermals or if your SSD is bad.
  9. Hi there I currently have WIN 10 1909 as my OS and would like to Update it to 2004 or 20H2. As soon as I start the Update, downloading begins and stops with error code 0xc190012e I already did sfc and DISM, deleted Windows Update Files, tried Media Creation Tool, but nothing resolves the issue. Since I have a ton of software installed, I would like to avoid a fresh install, but unless I find a solution here, I guess that that is my only option. BTW: CPU i9-9900K MB: Z390 Aorus Master RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRo with XMP enabled (3000MHz)
  10. If you don't have a functioning computer and the right adapters for M.2 SSDs that is actually not really possible, but you could maybe try the RAM and/or drive from a friend/neighbour to validate if yours is malfunctioning.
  11. Most of the times when there is no bootable device recognised it is because of a bad HDD/SSD, maybe check your M.2 SSD values and if that is ok, change out to another RAM
  12. But the 1660 Super has 2 GB less video memory and about 1000 less Cuda Cores compared to a 1070 Ti
  13. You should look for used GTX 1070 Ti's as they have the same amount of memory (8 GB) but have almost double the number of Cuda Cores. You should find them on Craigslist/Ebay/etc for around 200 USD
  14. Fan Control is usually done by software. I doon't know if aerocool has a dedicated piece of software that can be downloaded to control fanspedd etc, but you could hook up your fans to third party controller like Corsair's Commander Pro and use Corsair's ICUE software that allows changing the RGB LED colour, fan speed and more
  15. Hi there I am currently using a Samsung Q80T TV with the RMCSPT1CP1 remote. The lower part of the remote has 3 buttons (Netflix and so on). Since I only use one of those buttons I would like to know if you can somehow reprogram those buttons (so that in my case the two buttons that I don't use, get new functions). Is there any workaround or way to reprogram those? Thanks in advance
  16. Take a look at the Acer Nitro Lineup, used on ebay or craigslist should do the trick. Comes with solid performance and quality while not being over the top gaming machines (for Roblox, Fortnite, etc just fine).
  17. I just set up syncthing and it works exactly like I wanted it to. Thanks for the help
  18. Well the reason why I use my own server and store files there is that I don't want companies like Dropbox to have access to my files
  19. https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator Here you can calculate yor PSU consumption
  20. Hi everyone, I already had a Synology NAS in service for quite some time and switched to a custom linux server running ubuntu server a couple of weeks ago. My problem is that I used to use DS Note (Synology NAS) to acces notes that were stored on the server on my Android smartphone. I couldn't find a suitable App/programm that does the same with a regular linux server. Is there any way to make that happen or s that a Synology NAS unique feature? Thanks in advance