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  1. Thanks for the help so far, btw Tried some new things (although the situation didn't change yet)
  2. cryptsvc.dll is present I downloaded the batch file and klicked run as administrator after Reboot net stop wuauserv works as intendet net stop cryptSvc: the requested stop, resume, or ending of that process is invalid net stop bits: Intelligent Background Service is not running net stop msiserver: Windows INstaller is not running Both Ren commands: File could not be found When trying to Update, the same error message apears (0xc190012e)
  3. Error for "net stop cryptSvc": HELMPSG 2191 My Windows is in German so I'll try to translate the requested stop, resume, or ending of that process is invalid Error for "net stop bits": service is not running Error for "net stop msiserver": Windows Installer is not running
  4. Yes, but I did get some error messages while trying them. Would have to send you the exact message later as I am still at work
  5. Every other Update (Network, Chipset, BIOS and so on) works perfectly fine
  6. The only thing I found when looking for that error regarded 1903 but nothing about 2004/20H2
  7. Did that with the computer in my company, but that didn't resolve the issue either
  8. Since the problem occurs only after a few minutes/load maybe check the thermals or if your SSD is bad.
  9. Hi there I currently have WIN 10 1909 as my OS and would like to Update it to 2004 or 20H2. As soon as I start the Update, downloading begins and stops with error code 0xc190012e I already did sfc and DISM, deleted Windows Update Files, tried Media Creation Tool, but nothing resolves the issue. Since I have a ton of software installed, I would like to avoid a fresh install, but unless I find a solution here, I guess that that is my only option. BTW: CPU i9-9900K MB: Z390 Aorus Master RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRo with XMP enabled (3000MHz)
  10. If you don't have a functioning computer and the right adapters for M.2 SSDs that is actually not really possible, but you could maybe try the RAM and/or drive from a friend/neighbour to validate if yours is malfunctioning.