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  1. Definitely feels like it. Problem disappeared the next day but it has resurged with intensity. Would the solution be to RMA it?
  2. Hi all, Recently booted up my computer yesterday only to be greeted with the sound of a USB device connecting repeatedly every second. Went through all the shenanigans of uninstalling USB Drivers and reinstalling, only for the error message to continue appearing after reboot I used USBDeview and found that there was a connection labelled Port 5 Hub 1 that was consistently connecting and disconnecting, even with all of my USB devices completely disconnected. I went back and found that by uninstalling one of two AMD 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller's, I was able to get ri
  3. Hi guys, recently bought a beQuiet Pure Rock Slim cooler for my ancient PC. Mounted the heatsink and fan, PC refused to post. Did some tinkering around, but long story short the mounting pressure of the heatsink was too high for my CPU, and that is what made it refuse to post. I'm back to the stock (lovely) Intel cooler. Have people had this issue before? Heatsink mount pressure causing a PC to malfunction? I've looked online, and found nothing specific for these kind of mounts (LGA 115*) that don't actually use screws. My mobo + cpu are very old (MSI Z77A-G43
  4. I've decided! I'll invest in a K30 Pro. Very keen to tinker around with a brand new OS experience. Thanks for all your helps guys.
  5. I imagine the difference is very similar to the experience of swapping from 60hz to 120hz displays. If the hardware is there for the 90hz (like in the One+ 7T series), and I don't have to worry about an occasional drop busting a mechnical component in the camera (I do use the front camera excessively), then I would be willing to cope with a slightly lesser battery/potentially replacing in order to calm those worries.
  6. Great, SE is definitely off the list then. Some people in real life that I've been consulting too have warned about buying Chinese phones, as they claim Google will potentially blacklist them all from using the Google Store. But as far as I know, the best workaround is just to install an OS by myself and that should easily circumvent the problem if it actually arises. The only thing I'd likely be iffy on is the mechnical pop-up camera on the K30 Pro. I've had a peek at the K30 5G (which has no pop up cam), but it's running a lower spec CPU unit (Snapdragon 765G). Mig
  7. I think I'm swaying towards the endless customisation. It seems like a lot of fun and I love having things be a little bit more "personal", even if I have to sacrifice the convenience of iMessage. Leaning towards the K30 Pro after you and @EL02's recommendations. One thing I'm also weighing up is the 90hz display on the One+ 7 series. Obviously it's battery capcacity is limited, but would it be worth it in your opinions (or anyone who has recommended a 90hz display)?
  8. I'll keep it in mind! So online stores such as JB-HiFi, Dicksmith, Kogan, Amazon, or even eBay if needed Would likely go instore to Apple if I choose to go that route! But I think I'm more interested in some recommendations, and then I can price hunt myself if needed So far I've been recommended: Xiaomi K30 Pro (~$700 AUD) https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_k30_pro-10140.php Samsung Galaxy S10 (~$969 AUD but seeing a lot of different prices in different places...) https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s10-9536.php
  9. Honestly likely from online. Will need to be somewhere reliable. https://fossbytes.com/xiaomi-devices-found-tracking-and-recording-browsing-data-of-millions/ Just saw this on Reddit....big yikes for a Xiaomi reccomendation
  10. Yup! Sounds very weird I know... I've always been a fan of tech and it would be really nice to have a phone that lasts me a long period of time. I guess part of me wants something that's actually nice and new, now that I'm independent enough to afford something. Longevity is a key point for me. I've had lots of positive experiences so far with the 1st gen SE. But there are lots of software/hardware issues currently that I'm dealing with. Battery is no longer reliable and drains fast - I've had multiple shutdowns and reboots when my phone has displayed up to 25
  11. Mmmm but I'm a bit worried about the lack of software/security support after 2 years...(not sure if I did my research right)? Unless there's a way to jerry-rig updates in the future. Yeah definitely been eyeing up the new SE since it's announcement. But I'd like something that doesn't feel last-gen design wise, I think I'm ready for a change in that regard (I've been using the iPhone 5 model for about 5/6 years now). Main worry with that phone is defintely the battery as well, as with my experience with my current SE is that after a significant update the battery absolutely t
  12. As the title suggests, I'm thinking of upgrading my current iPhone SE (1st gen) to something a little bit more modern. I don't really use my phone for much else other than light puzzle games, social media and managing my business - but I'm thinking of making the swap to Android after being a long time Apple user. Looking at a budget of around $1k AUD maximum... let me know if you have any recommendations for either platform EDIT: Additional info from a reply I made further down. I've had lots of positive experiences so far with the 1st gen SE. But th