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  1. Welcome to the forum! 

    1. ardyariel


      thank you and hi :D

  2. Are you sure the you are running the game on 2060 or your integrated graphics?
  3. A Homepod Mini and some smart home devices
  4. Summary Rockstar announced today that they will be selling a Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Only version for $4.99USD from December 1st but the price will only stay at $4.99USD until February 15, 2021* it will then be bumped up to $19.99USD. It will be released on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam. Quotes My thoughts I haven't seen Rockstar do this before maybe they might do it for GTA 5. Sources https://www.neowin.net/news/rockstar-will-offer-red-dead-online-as-a-standalone-game-priced-at
  5. I can't live without Spotify as I use it for all my music and podcasts and I use it 6 hours + everyday
  6. I use mine every day and can't live without it, so I would say my computer is a part of my life.
  7. Skyrim is my all time favorite game it's basically endless and there is so much to do.
  8. Hello, I am looking to buy a smart speaker and I don't know what one to buy. If anyone can point me to a pros and cons list about both of the speakers that would be great.