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  1. We are a small start-up and from time to time we need to do simulation and analysis and for that we are building a workstation but we can afford only one workstation for the office of 4 engineers So the workstation will be in a room at the office by itself and each engineer has his oc or laptop So can i access the workstation from my laptop and do the work i need instead of going to the workstation room and do the work their I have no problems with latency or anything as i will not game on it i just need to send the files and initiate the simulation and leave it to fin
  2. Hi I have a Lenovo l340 gaming laptop with intel i5-9300h Gtx 1050 2tb hdd 8gb ram In normal usage (not gaming ) i feel it is somehow slow and windows is soo laggy So i want to upgrade but i don't know Is upgrading my ram to 16 gb or to add a nvme m.2 ssd 256 gb to be my boot drive What will be more recognizable in my daily usage ? Thanks