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  1. Themes aren't a thing but yes I already have I mean compatibility wise
  2. First off windows always gets more bloated and also too bad I really don't care about punctuation on a forum site to bad you can't read it idrc
  3. So basically I'm looking for the most cores for under 180 and a opteron 6380 seems to work but I'm looking for a micro at motherboard and this is the most fitting I've found but like safety and long term factors how do they look?
  4. fits more snug than my mothers depression and her loneliness
  5. at the end of the day 8gb will be less than usable in 2 years from now windows already uses like 4gb at idle 16gb is a sweetspot at the moment unless you use arch linux #ARCHLINUXGANGREPRESENT then 16gb will be the best option
  6. im using tor so hopefully i wont get swatted LMFAO
  7. which is why in 2 years 16gb will be more usable than 8 end of story
  8. why would you install intel hd drivers theres no reason you have a 1050 ti and intel hd usually is pre installed in windows?
  9. ummm who said anything about a 2070 or 2080 here
  10. or i can get 10 low priced assassins and cook Tim cook
  11. if you want your pc to be great out of the gate 16gb is minimum windows is only getting more and more bloated and for any gaming or editing 16 gb is recommended