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  1. Buy a b360 board with a 10700k (My friend almost did this, but I stopped him). He ended up getting a Aorus Pro B460 (even though I told him that it was terrible value and he should get a z490)
  2. 5-700 You could start at $700 and decrease the price if there are no takers. You might also want to consider parting out the gpu.
  3. I think both would OC just fine. The msi one might be better, though. With what you are spending, you could get a x570 gaming edge, which would be a better board. Any of them would handle a 5000 series just fine (maybe not an oced 5950x though). Just choose whatever one you like best based on your needs. I would get the refurbished x570, but no option is bad.
  4. I should probably specify that I want your primary/desktop CPU.
  5. Just wondering what the percentages were like.
  6. You might want an 11600 because it has a better IGPU. If you have a way to get the 2070 super, then it doesn't matter.
  7. Maybe your drive is not formatted correctly, or you have a broken USB port. You might want to try remaking the install media or trying a new flash drive. You can try a BIOS update, but you will need a USB stick working to do that. Good luck!
  8. Like others said 1050 1050ti 1030 970 960 4gb 750 ti 1650 super if you can find one rx 5500xt if you can find one rx 570 4gb 560 550 480 4gb 470 460. All are good used options at the right price.
  9. A 3970x should NEVER be paired with a 1660s. That is a $1800 cpu. Also, it is bad value unless you need all of the cores. I am just kidding, I know you aren't talking about a threadripper.
  10. Why ddr4-4000 RAM? The infinity fabric clock will make it almost impossible to get those speeds anyway. Gett a 3600 speed kt. With the money you save, you can get a 5600x, which is a much better CPU.
  11. Decription: Great gaming computer, intel core i7 cpu, 8 gigs of ram running at ?, amd radion rx 550 graphics card with 4 gb of vram, 1 tb ssd with 500 gb hdd. this pc will play just about any game i have thrown at it (What? Stardew valley?). if you have questions feel free to ask. Note I'll let u test it before u buy it. $300 Looking at this for a friend and thought it was a bit funny.
  12. Why would you get a 9600k? A 11400 would be cheaper and better value if you're not overclocking. Here is a revised parts list. Also, I DO NOT recommend paying 650 for a 1660 super, but if you must build the system now, it will work. I assume you plan on a gpu upgrade. otherwise there is no reason to get a 750 watt psu for this. A 600 watt would be fine. PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mQVTTJ CPU: Intel Core i5-11400 2.6 GHz 6-Core Processor ($183.99 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($29.99 @ Newegg) Mot
  13. This is a Dawid Does Tech stuff video that compares 27 in monitors. Hope it helps!
  14. It dosen’t really matter. Get the card with the best hash rate/price. Quadros are significantly more expensive because they have professional drivers, witch won’t help with minding.
  15. That is an expensive 3400g! ($222 usd, you can buy a 3600 or 10600k in the us for what you are paying for a 3400g) I don't know what prices are like in italy though.
  16. Anything faster then a 1030 and slower then a 2060(bottleneck above that). Good luck finding a gpu in stock.
  17. The gl75 leopard 17 in looks good. It has a 2070 and a 17 inch screen, and is on promo at Newegg for $1300.
  18. Yes but there certainly won’t be too many more am4 chips.
  19. What future Ryzen? Zen 4 will be socket am5.
  20. You probably don’t need to spend $500 on a motherboard unless you want to do very extreme over clocking. Something like the x-570 tuf gameing pro will handle a 5900x fine.
  21. yes if you can get a gpu (thought streaming could be a challange)
  22. Get the 10700k, it is the best value (unless you know you won't need more than 6 cores).
  23. 13 years old is a fine age to build a pc. Probably best to check with your parent(s) though.