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  1. the psu is ok but i would spend some money for an ssd cuz it does speed up things
  2. I almost got a list on pc partpicker just still need a few minutes
  3. What kind of case do u have? do u Plan to sell the parts for +budget?
  4. Thats a ATX psu with a mAtx Mobo im not sure if they work together
  5. I want to Upgrade to an 2080 ti and i wanted to ask if i shoul sli it with my existing gtx 1070 (if thats possible) or just sell it. If i should sell it, how much is it worth?
  6. I want to build a custom loop but i dont know what kind of material i should use. I saw that most blocks are made of copper or nickel, but what are the advantages/disadvantages (Price, Durability etc) can i mix copper and nickel in my loop? Thx for advice in advance Enzo