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  1. Hello guys, i have 2 gpus an EVGA Titan X 6gb and a Radeon 6850. I would like to use the 6850 for gaming and just only for that, while using the titan only for mining. Is it possible to let the titan mine, while having no preformance impact on the titan? Im using nicehash
  2. Yeah I think imma build it in and test it
  3. Hi guys, I bought an EVGA GTX TITAN X 6GB, and i was wondering how much profity i would make by mining with it in nicehash. I have entered titan X in nicehash calc, but im not sure if it calculatas with the 12gb or 6gb version
  4. I dont remember, but while gaming afterburner only shows an 80% gpu usage and 1900mb on a 2gb card
  5. @AlexVRO10 @Fasauceome I uninstalled the drivers, still same thing, I never had problems with my radeon 6850, and when i run out of vram my game just became more laggi and not just freezing every few seconds
  6. max temp is 70 degrees celsius
  7. Yeah, vram usage is 2.3/2gb so that might be it, but im somtimes experiencing it in csgo too
  8. No, just via device manager
  9. Hi guys, so I bought a used GTX660. Bevor I was using a Radeon 6850 with no problems. Now with gtx 660 (in gta 5) Every few seconds in irrgeular times my game freezes, just for a second. A short second after my 99% fps in de geforce overlay shows 1fps. How could I fix this? I didnt have this problem bevor with the other card. The card is in its "vanila" condition so no overclock or simulair. Is this because the cards is heavily loaded? Any help is appricated! Rest of the build: R5 3600 @ 4.2 GHZ 32GB @ 3600MHZ Corsair vengeance Pro RGB Asus B450F
  10. No, i just meant that the gtx 570 is an upgrade
  11. I have a HD6850 so it should be good
  12. Hello LTT forum, I bought a used Gtx 570 and when i try to install drivers (fresh win 10 install) the screen stays at the same 1024 X 768 resolution. In geforce experience it always says new driver available and when i install it through there the same thing happens, and after the install it still says new driver available Any help is appreciated!
  13. You wont really need 64gb of ram in near future. When times here well probably have DDR5 or evend DDR6 Ram, so this is just a pointless waist of money, get 3600mhz 32GB that plenty and enough for the next few years
  14. If you are so mean to people, no ones going to want to help you. This community is Happy to help you, but if you wont answer their question they wont, most of these people here are very experienced and they know what theyre doing, so please be more respectful, or youll find yourself in a situtaion were nobody is going to help you
  15. Hi guys, I sold my GTX 760-2GB and I had a GTX 570 lying around so I decided to put it in until the newone arrives. So I put it in turned to PC on, the first thing I noticed was that there were Green dotted lines on the screen. They disappeard when the windows loading Icon appeard. When windows loaded to the User login screen, the image was stretched and there was a blackframe around the picture. So i downlaoded the drivers, when installing them my pc rebooted and stayed in a bootloop. So then I turened the PC of and on, than windows troublshooting opened, and it deleted the drivers I installe
  16. the drivers might have troub with eachtoher but ive never really seen that
  17. I have never heard of somone building tehr own keyboard
  18. you might get less prefomance, but I would highly recommand you getting 16gb as youll bottlenck there more than with the mem freqency
  19. Okayy, drivers up to date? / did you install them from nvidias side? is you moniter pluged in to the gpu?