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  1. the drivers might have troub with eachtoher but ive never really seen that
  2. I have never heard of somone building tehr own keyboard
  3. you might get less prefomance, but I would highly recommand you getting 16gb as youll bottlenck there more than with the mem freqency
  4. Okayy, drivers up to date? / did you install them from nvidias side? is you moniter pluged in to the gpu?
  5. The apple lighting connector is not bulletproof at all, I have several friends who told me that it broke and got stuck in the charging plug. Of course you can now say that the apple ones suck and you have to buy a strong on seperatly but you can do the same thing with usb c
  6. I would just adjust the GPU, memory speeds and the power and Temp limit. I wouldnt touch the voltage just if you know what you are doing (havent done it either)
  7. Do you know what msi afterburner is? You can simply just adjust gpu and memory clocks, its just simply a slider you can pull, if you pull it to high and stress you gpu (I recommend FurMark) the application will crash, you also have to set the power limit to as high as possible
  8. These might be some phanteks special connectors
  9. You have to tell us something else we dont rly know what "absolute fortune" means, for some people this is 500 pounds for others its 1500-2000. So please tell us how much you atleast approximately
  10. Thats good too take off the side panels and let it rest, 3 days are ok too
  11. I would turn it off and dont touch for a week just to make sure all the water dried