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  1. Agree
    PeachGr reacted to alenalen in This Just Saved me $100,000 - Total Phase Cable Tester V2   
    When you test your mountain of cables document the brands and save the data so you can do statistics on the large sample size to find the biggest offender brands.
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    PeachGr reacted to SorryClaire in Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake T-Series 35W CPUs Reportedly Hit 4.9 GHz   
    The question is: How long?
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    PeachGr reacted to FakeKGB in Are 4 Cores Still Enough?   
    Depends on what you want to do.
    If all you do is basic web browsing 2 cores is fine.
  4. Funny
    PeachGr reacted to jaslion in Apple Clarifies New iPhone Child-Protection Features   
    It's not a backdoor.
    It's a back sliding door. Much more fancy and the apple way.
  5. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to Frugivore8894 in Fake Jensen Kitchen   
    Nvidia faked parts of the keynote that announced the 3000 series cards. Jensen Huang and the kitchen where digitally created. 
    My thoughts
    This is really cool tech but it’s also a bit scary. And I also don’t know how no one noticed at all! 
  6. Funny
    PeachGr reacted to TempestCatto in Fake Jensen Kitchen   
    Fun fact, Linus isn't real anymore. He's been AI since 2019. A pet project of NVIDIA mostly. The more you know...
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  8. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to Arika S in The Penny drops: $611 Million in cryptocurrencies stolen   
    Ever the headline of news articles the world over, cryptocurrency, is yet again in the news for large swaths of funds getting stolen.
    and maybe my favourite quote from the article
    Yes because people who went through the trouble of stealing $611m worth of crypto is really going to just return it because you asked them nicely (see: begged)
    My thoughts
    I find it interesting that the released the wallet address of where the funds ended up, not quite sure what they think people are going to do with them, except hope that someone will try and hack the money back. For being lauded as "decentralized" and "safe" this sure happens lot.
    is this going to stop people from using it and praising the block-chain? lol no. But don't kid yourself thinking that your money is protected because of the technology behind it.
    There need to be vast improvements to security if cryptocurrency ever wants to be treated seriously.
  9. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to poochyena in In the US, life cycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline.   
    Electric cars produce significant less green house emissions compared to gasoline cars when factoring in everything from building the car to its life time run time.

    My thoughts
    Finally a simple to understand article and graph that shows new electric cars are better than new gasoline cars that I can point to to people who think EVs are over-hyped. Even if EVs got all their electricity from coal power plants, it would be more efficient than gasoline cars. There is a reason everyone doesn't power their homes with gas generators. As we add more green power to the power grid, and as more people add solar to their homes, charging their cars at home, the fewer emissions there will be. Buying a new gas car in 2021, outside of very niche applications where you regularly drive 200+ miles a day, is a mistake.
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    PeachGr reacted to LogicalDrm in Windows 365   
    -> Moved to Programs, Apps and Websites
  11. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to J-from-Nucleon in Intel is reportedly in talks to buy the $30 billion foundry company AMD spun off a decade ago   
    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Intel is looking to snap up AMD’s former fabs as well, in a deal that could value them at $30 billion.
    My thoughts
     This if it indeed goes through (and is approved) could be good for Intel. iirc, Global Foundaries has the tech to outfit a fab with a 7nm node but hasn't done so because of cost concerns. Intel is a large company with a pretty sizeable revenue amount, so this could help intel finally get on 7nm. But as with most everything, we'll have to see how this goes
    The Verge
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    PeachGr reacted to jaslion in Windows 365   
    They have a service for that already which is more powerful and you can buy the timeslots you need.
    They 100% have calculated the price and possibly put limiters in place to prevent people doing this and turning a profit.
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    PeachGr reacted to Master Disaster in Windows 365   
    Virtual Private Server running Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.
  14. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to WickedThunder86 in Windows 365   
    Windows 365 means:- Instead of using the resources inside your computer it uses the Microsoft servers which are much more powerful to run windows. It`s basically Google Stadia on Steroids.
  15. Agree
    PeachGr reacted to The_russian in Police in Ukraine have made a large bust of a cryptomining operation stealing $259,300/mo in electricity.   
    Here's another pic from your second source: 

    They have better cable management and in general look better organized than a lot of places I've seen...
  16. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to Kisai in Police in Ukraine have made a large bust of a cryptomining operation stealing $259,300/mo in electricity.   
    Police in Ukraine have made a large bust of a cryptomining operation stealing $259,300/mo in electricity.

    My thoughts
    Given how many people seem to attribute shortages to scalpers, it's interesting to see what else has been used. Take a look at the photos and notice the Playstation logo on them. Note those appear to be PS4's. Too bad the photos don't show anything else.
    So the PS4's were for an illegal bot farm. Run through machine translation.
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    PeachGr got a reaction from Brooksie359 in Malaysia's extension of MCO would worsen the MLCC supply   
    If you could only explain MCO and mlcc to us first
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    PeachGr got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Quantum computer on desktop size   
     Quantum computing is evolving fast and that article is about a version that is about to come in commercial use (unknown when), and it will come in a size of a penny.
    QBits make no sense to me and more than 0 and 1 makes even less, but the article is about a quantum PC that will run on windows, Linux, iOS and some other variants
    The use of those are purely for complex calculations such as chemical reaction simulations (as drug development and much more)
    My thoughts
     COVID-19 accelerated the process of computing for science. As know UK invested many millions in the past year for computing power for that use and Nvidia gave a multimillion pound computing unit after trying to buyout arm. I see that quantum advancement as an advanced F@H development, and yes, maybe even cryptocurrency will become a realistic currency .
    P Processing power is something that we can never have enough

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    PeachGr reacted to Sauron in Quantum computer on desktop size   
    No, it is not. The quote you posted specifically mentions that there won't be an equivalent to any of these but rather about developing a new quantum computer operating system.
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    PeachGr reacted to Master Disaster in Quantum computer on desktop size   
    Remember the old (and actually fake) Bill Gates quote "No one will ever need more than 64kb of RAM"?
    Same thing applies here, right now QCs are huge, require monstrous cooling rigs and have very little use but as time moves on and we start to understand what the tech can and cannot do we will start finding uses which will push the industry forward.
    We already have some proposed use cases, for example breaking encryption algorithms, brute forcing scientific simulations with trillions of data points, working out multiple possibilities from the same starting point in the blink of an eye etc. I'd imagine they'll eventually start being used in AI design as well.
    Essentially they are very good at doing HUGE amounts of calculations VERY quickly and that has the potential to be very useful.
  21. Informative
    PeachGr reacted to Bombastinator in Quantum computer on desktop size   
    The history of DOS and cp/m and microsoft and IBM is pretty storied. I’m not sure it’s a positive comparison.  It was quite borgiaesque.  UNIX would be a more positive one.  It happened because of some pretty unique circumstances.  There are some basic similarities in that there are an bunch of different kinds of somewhat similar hardware each being developed by a different group.  Unix had a killer app though. If one gets developed for this OS and it is as easy to apply to various disparate types of hardware as UNIX was it’s not impossible it could happen again.  If someone else develops a killer app though it could just as well be their OS. I doubt this particular one is particularly unique. I also see no evidence that anyone has even figured out anything fundamentally useful to do with quantum computers yet. It all seems to be what they could become capable of rather than what they are capable of.  It is likely too early.  I doubt various researchers will simply start using someone else’s OS just because.  There needs to be a good reason to do so and right now I don’t see one.  An OS more or less can’t be a killer app by itself. There has to be an app for it to be killer.
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    PeachGr reacted to Mel0nMan in GPU prices going back to MSRP   
    Used mining cards will flood the market soon...
  23. Agree
    PeachGr got a reaction from devangnagda in OnePlus is merging OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS   
    Dispite of what reviewers say, I have op 7 and that oxygen os have always had major or minor bugs on every update. That includes messenger, Google services, wake up, gallery not working and sometimes even making phone unresponsive. Also One Plus promised 2 updates and I ve got android 11 after all other android phones of 2019. In the end I ve started at 10 and ended on 11 and that's 1 major upgrade that was also delayed.
    Anyway oxygen os needs fixing and I hope that now they will be able to provide as promised. Btw they said op8 and the next devices will have 3 years coverage. Promises don't mean a thing of course, but a man can hope
  24. Funny
    PeachGr reacted to LAwLz in Malaysia's extension of MCO would worsen the MLCC supply   
    That's because crypto mining is not even close to the biggest contributor of the shortages and people who think it is don't know what they are talking about. 
    There is 0 evidence that crypto miners have had any significant impact on the shortages.
    Edit: I am not sure why people are reacting to this with "funny". I am serious. The whole "it's miners that are causing all the issues" is just some unverified rumor that goes against everything we know for facts. The evidence I am refering to.
    1) Both Nvidia and AMD have said that mining sales are a small portion of their sales. This is not just some PR statement, it's statements from their shareholder meetings.
    2) PC sales are through the roof because of Covid. Supply among regular consumers are through the roof.
    3) Shipping is a nightmare right now which results in long delays for everything.
    4) Sales of everything, including cars and networking equipment are extremely delayed. I order quite a lot of networking equipment and what used to have a delivery time of 3 weeks is now 3 months. Are people going to say that miners are to blame for the custom silicon shortages in firewalls as well? 
    I just don't get how people can look around them and see extreme delays on everything from cars, firewalls, switches, even mousepads (according to Linus) and then go "yeah, it's miners that are the problem, not the reduced supply and increased demand".
    It seems to me like gamers who want to get their hands on the latest graphics cards are frustrated and since it feels better to blame a person, such as a miner, than to blame the global crisis that affects everyone, they pick miners as the scapegoat. It doesn't help that the Internet creates massive echo chambers like this where a big portion of the forum has decided to blame miners (with 0 evidence I might add, unlike the evidence I have laid out here) so people parrot what everyone else have said without questioning it.
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    PeachGr got a reaction from CarlBar in Malaysia's extension of MCO would worsen the MLCC supply   
    If you could only explain MCO and mlcc to us first