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  1. Hi guys, I hope some can help me with the problems I'm having the last couple of weeks.


    Since my system updated to 1803 I'm getting random freezes and reboots.

    If they occur, most often while playing games, sometimes while idling. But other times they don't occur at all. There is no real specific pattern.

    Yesterday I decided to completely wipe my system and directly installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 1809, but the problem still exists.

    Event Viewer doesn't give any info, just "Critical Kernel-Power 41" with BugcheckCode 0.

    There are no bluescreens or anything else that could indicate any problems.


    My specs:


    Asrock Z77 Pro4

    2x 4GB 1600MHz + 1x 8GB 1600MHz
    GTX 970

    be quiet 580W


    This configuration was running fine for over 4 years (overall system almost 8 years already), and on the day 1803 gets installed I'm starting to have those problems. That would be too much of a coincidence that some part started to act faulty on the same day a windows update is installed.


    I tried installing the latest driver in case of some compatibility issues, didn't help.

    I suspected it to be some Meltdown or Spectre fix that is bundled since 1803, and tried disabling them with InSpectre but also to no avail.


    Does anyone have other clues as to what might be causing this problem?

  2. Hi, I'm asking for help on behalf of a friend of mine.

    Yesterday he got a distorted image after waking his pc up from sleep, but it didn't happen again after a restart. Since then he couldn't start his game and he got the message that the app has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware, and two bluescreen code 116 appeared. Most guides suggest to use DDU and reinstall the driver. So far the driver has been removed, but every time he starts to install the driver, doesn't matter which way (windows update, device manager, nvidia setup, ...) it always causes a black screen followed by no signal, and needing to hard reset his system. He's using an old GTX 460. Any other chances to get it working again, or is it pretty much dead?

  3. Hi, I've got some serious problem.

    I'm running still CyanogenMod on my phone, did run fine up until 1h ago. Trebuchet keeps crashing and forces a soft restart of my phone, so I can't try any of the possible solutions that you can find, like deleting settings and cache of the launcher.

    Anyone got an idea how to possibly fix this without completely wiping my phone?

  4. Hi,

    I don't know if this is the correct subforum but lets hope so.

    I found an older monitor that only has VGA input and I wanted to use it as a secondary display.

    The problem I have is that the resolution is quite low for what I'm trying to achieve and DSR is not supported over analog outputs (I'm using a 970).

    My question is, could I use a Displayport to VGA adapter to enable DSR? I have not found any topics on this specific use case, so I wondered if someone tried something like this or if someone has enough knowledge to let me know if this would even work.



  5. hey guys,

    i really hope someone can help me with this.


    for about 3 years now im running my 1080p monitor at 2560x1440@60

    first problems appeared when i upgraded to windows 10, all newer drivers dont let me add my custom resolution, but i could solve this problem by using the 353.30 /353.38, which seems to be the last one that provides working custom resolution settings through the nvidia control panel


    almost half a year later i thought, that nvidia would be able to solve this problem, but now that i updated to 1511 (th2) and realized that this piece of shit drivers still dont have working custom resolutions i wanted to revert back to the old 353.38 ones, but nope it reverts them back to 358.87 (already blocked graphics in windows updates)


    with cru i can add resolutions, but i cant get the right settings, wether i select any automatic preset or manual, the screens begins to flicker when i select the new resolution


    i also tried to integrate a backup of the custom resolutions (with nvidia custom resolution backup tool) but it doesnt seem to work at all.


    my setup:

    asrock z77 pro4

    2600k (integrated graphics enabled)

    gtx 970 (now on 359.00)

    16gb ddr3 1600


    17" 1280x1024 vga on integrated graphics

    24" 1920x1080 (runs fine with 2560x1440) dvi-d of gtx 970

    1080p tv over hdmi on gtx 970

  6. Hi guys,


    I've got a pretty specific problem.

    After I upgraded to Windows 10 I dialed in my settings like I want them to be, this includes also removing some folders from Indexing for the search (btw, I did this on all my pcs and notebooks, and only on my main system this problem occured).

    The first day worked fine, but since after when I search for options from the settings-app they won't show up, neither in start menu search nor in settings-app search itself, only settings from the old control panel appear.

    I can acces those options in the settings-app, but I dont want to have to click through those menus all the time, I just want to search for what I need and get to open it.


    What I tried thus far:

    - sfc /scannow

    - troubleshooting for Indexing, which comes up with incorrect permissions for the search folder what I cant seem to be able to fix

    - rebuilding index

    - reregistering the settings-app

    - creating a new user in hope for recreating the search


    It is almost impossible to search for this specific problem, so I hope someone can help me with this one, since the last thing I want to do now, is reinstalling windows because of a faulty index.


  7. Hi guys,


    need some help in searching for a tool that suits best my needs.

    At the moment I have a larger than usual picture and video collection that is now kind of a mess.

    Most important, the program has to give me some kind of tagging mechanism on different levels or in categories, hard to describe:

    I hope this example will show what I mean:

    Category:    Location     Date     Content

    Tags:           here           jan         something

                        there          2012      else

    It should give me the ability to just select already added tags to new files/folders in their respective category, e.g. I don't want to have 2012 in a tag selection in the category content.


    it doesnt have to give me a view of the files, primarily it has to give me the ability to find stuff faster.

    Also it does not have to support just images, it can support any filetype as long it is customizable.


    As of now I'm working with around 250-350k pictures in about 8k folders and around 2k videos in 150 folders.

    Those folders are already somewhat sorted and organized, but some files cross categories and I don't want to have 30 duplicates of one file.


    I already searched the web, but didn't find something suitable to my needs.

    It would be nice if someone could suggest something that could help me do my stuff, it would be much appreciated.

    If it is even a tool for free, would be great.


    thanks already in advance.

  8. Hmm, k, sry then, payed 80Chf for mine which is about 62€ so I thought it'd be within your budget ^^'


    Have you checked your countrys apple online store? Found the Snowballs to be the cheapest there by far.

    its a little bit cheaper but not enough


    Perhaps CAD U37. I know someone on this forum uses it so it must be pretty good. 

    not available for me, only import for 130+



    so i think im gonna go and give the tbone a try

  9. BlueMic Snowball is an awesome USB mic. Using it daily and even used it for podcasting. Awesome quality and should be well within your budget.


    Funny enough, the cheapest ones I found at Apple.com. Go look for them, they're awesome ^^


    do you mean the regular or ICE one? if its the first, it's way over my budget.

  10. hi guys,

    i've got some annoying problems with my current mic or more likely my microphone inputs of my pc (using onboard sound).

    every mic i have has a very noticeable background hiss which can be lowered within the recording devices manager but then no one i'm talking with can't hear me because then my voice is too quiet.


    so i thought because my headset broke, and is glued together atm, i could just replace it with a decent pair of headphones and a standalone mic, but i don't know which to choose.

    i have only a limited budget (max 60 €, ca 70 US$) and i think it should be an usb mic because of my defective inputs.

    the options i have, are a "t.bone sc440 usb" (60€) are any other options you guys can suggest, maybe a usb soundcard/3.5mm mic combo?


    some useful suggestions or tips would be highly appreciated.

  11. This is my first news-report here on the forum, and I'm not fluently English, so bear that in mind.



    The "Chaos Computer Club" (short: CCC) presses charges against the German government, the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution", the president of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (German secret service) and the Miltary Counterintelligence.

    This happens because of the leaks that Snowden provided, it is certain that domestic and foreign secret services violate laws.


    In particular they accuse the government and constitution protection of violating three laws:

     - § 99 StGB (StGB: German criminal code): forbidden secret service agent activity

     - § 201 StGB: violation of personal life and secret area

     - § 258 StGB: obstruction of justice.


    In addition to this, they also demand to be Snowden as witness with safe-conduct, as well as effective protection against extradiction to the U.S.



    This is just a short summary. The source ist computerbase.de, in German of course.

    I shared this with you, because, as far as I know, this is the first case that a government gets officialy accused of those things on the basis of the leaks.

    What are your thoughts about this?

  12. Hi guys,

    Because there isn't that great of a selection of usb sensor bars (at least in Germany), I wanted to built one by myself.

    This is my first try doing something like this and wanted to ask for some advice to be on the safe side.

    I want to use 4x Osram LD274 LEDs (datasheet: http://www.reichelt.de/index.html?&ACTION=7&LA=3&OPEN=0&INDEX=0&FILENAME...) , and power it by USB (5V; 100mA ?)

    With this setting (see picture below) each "lane" would be at 50mA (?), and therefore I would need 46Ohm resistors, but there are only 43 and 47Ohm available, which of those should i get?

    Did I forget something, or is this drawing completely wrong? I don't want to short out the LEDs

    Help would be much appreciated, and sorry for possible grammar mistakes^^.