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  1. Hi, I've just built a new PC, and when installing windows from USB, my computer gets to the "getting files ready for installation" section, will get anywhere between 20% and 80% complete, and then restart, bringing me back to the first "Install now" screen. In a live linux environment, the computer will stay on for a few mins, and then freeze randomly. Does anybody know what this is caused by? The systems' specs are: - Ryzen 5 1600x - MSI a320m-a pro m2 - crucial 500gb nvme ssd - Cooler master hyper 212 evo - gtx 1050ti (known good- it's from my old system) - 16
  2. Sorry I didn't mention that, I think the power supply if fine as the computer only powers off when I do those specific things, which dont usually draw an awful amount of power compared to other things I've done- to check nothing was overheating I opened like 100 firefox tabs with different things in them and the system can cope fine with that, it's only when i run memtest, install drivers or try to install the os that is crashes. I think it is a hardware fault on the mobo, thanks for the advice, but is there a way I could know for sure as I don't really want to send it to recycling if I dont k
  3. the memory's known good because ive put it into another computer and it functions as it should. I have one stick and it crashes regardless of which slot i put it in. the motherboard is the samsung r540 BA92-06795A, its a laptop motherboard and it may be possible i could flash it, but the only tool i found was supposed to be used in windows, and i couldnt manage to find something that was supposed to go on a usb. Thanks for the help
  4. Samsung has an exe tool, with instructions about how to run it in windows to automatically update the bios, but I couldnt find anything that was supposed to go on a usb drive unless i misunderstood how the tool was supposed to be used
  5. Hi, I recently built a computer and when installing windows 10 i kept getting the "kernel mode heap corruption" BSOD. I have checked my memory and it is known good, but whenever i try to run Memtest or any other diagnostic tool my system crashes and powers off. I have tried running a linux USB on the machine and it works just fine, but whenever I try to install drivers or install the os my system also immideatly crashes and powers off. I can't flash the bios as my samsung motherboard bios can't be updated without having windows already installed. I have checked for thermal issues and they