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  1. I have 32 gb of it now( on two sticks), Just using two A2 and B2 (two of the dimm slots). I didn't know if I gain or lose performance buy filling out all four slots. or is "duel channel" better?
  2. Okay, Bit of a noob when it comes to this subject. I have a ASRock B450M Steel Legend mother board, GTX 1650 super, and a Ryzen 5 1600 af , I want to fill out all four dimm slots(don't I?).
  3. Just installed this motherboard. Currently listening to music on YouTube. But is there anything worth while downloading other than to change the rgb.. Looking to get the most out of the board.
  4. Yeah, you was right. Switched out the cord to a display port and gained the option of setting up G-sync!
  5. How can we double check this? And would I be just better off all around, going to DP?
  6. I just did. fixed that problem(I'm running at 75.001hz) but now, how do I make use of freesync?
  7. I just swapped out the monitors. umm, 1650 super?
  8. So why am I getting 60hz on this new monitor I got that clams to be 75hz? Also I'm using HDMI, do you have to use the DisplayPort to get this feature? -ASUS VG275Q
  9. What's SoC voltage? I'm would never over clock anything. I just use out the box, bios settings and such
  10. But my ryzen 3 is getting a heck of a load on it, and the gpu WHEN PLAYING GAMES ONLY