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  1. Ryzen 7 3700x overclocked to 4.4ghz running at 1.280v and LLC high I have stress tested it with msi cpu burner and cinebench r20 temps dont go above 85 degrees and no crashes.
  2. Hello, I am wondering on buying the Kraken X62, but i don't know if it would handle a overclocked Ryzen 7 3700x 4.3-4.4 ghz thanks.
  3. I keep track of my cpu temps and clock speeds 24/7 really
  4. but all aio have warranty on them if they fail you’re going to get a replacement for the parts it damaged and the aio itself
  5. i’m planing on overclocking the ryzen 7 3700x to 4.1-4.2 ghz which aio would be enough arctic liquid freezer 240mm or 360mm
  6. suddenly air bubbles will form in it and i don’t want it to reach the pump because it’s going to decrease performance
  7. im thinking about the nzxt kraken m22 120mm do you think it will do just fine?
  8. do you guys have any suggestions for a good aio under 90$
  9. so i will have to buy a new ssd
  10. do you think it still will be future proof if i get a ryzen 5 3600x?