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  1. Its a Coolermaster psu , a 1060 and a RX 580 , 1060 under oc at 85 w , 580 at 100 w
  2. I think its doable if the cpu runs idle, lets say if you gpu mine, considering its 80 + efficiency . What do yall think?
  3. Sorry to reopen this post, but i know the psu will handle the gpus , im wondering if the single cable that has the 2x 6+2 pin that will be connected in the 2 gpus will handle im worried about melting it.
  4. Right now here im paying 30 US cents for KW/H , and im not even paying the bill (im just saying what i would pay). I mined 4 months on this 6 gb 1060 , i managed to scramble up 200 $ just from mining and im selling this 1060 and im probably getting a 1080. (i think) (used 1080 price here 300 $ )
  5. And please dont flame me for mining 60 $ a month, thats actually a lot where i live here
  6. PSU MWE 500W 80+, Ryzen 5 2600x 2x 8GB 3200 Gammix Im not going to use them for dual gpu gaming. I got the amd card litterally for free and since im away on my job most of the time and i travel , i let my gpu crypto mine. So i just want to know if its duable to connect them both on the cable i posted above.
  7. I have a Cooler Master 500W 80 + efficiency PSU , it has 2x 6+2 PIN, but what worries me is that the 2x connectors are on the same cable (not separate) like on other PSU's ive seen. If i connect 2 gpus on it im planing on under volting them to about 75 W each. Is this gonna be doable or am i gonna fry the cables ?
  8. I tried litterally everything, my games freeze on every 2 second i also notice that in Warzone and Apex textures and props load only on like 10 meters when i get close to them i really dont believe that a display overclock damaged my gpu but i tried every option.
  9. Thats the problem i deleted everything that was custom and set it to default now i all my games freeze, i also noticed something else before overclocking in task manager my integrated card was GPU #0 and the rx560x was GPU #1 now they are swapped dont know if that has something to do.
  10. I was playing Warzone this morning with about 80 fps on average. I watched a guy overclock his nitro 5 and he had no problems i did the same thing (60 to 82 hz), restarted my laptop went selected the drop down in the display properties and selected the 82 hz option, restarted again launched warzone and it was freezing so badly like from 80 stable fps to 15 it is litterally uplayable i tried reversing to the original refresh rate and even reinstalling the drivers nothing worked. I am getting freezes in every game. Any way to reset the display of my nitro 5 so everything goes back to n