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  1. iam getting 48°-50° while doing nothing heavy gaming 60°-68° (some spikes sometimes to 72°) is this normal or should i do something ? cpu is undervolted to 1.225v clock at 4.2ghz cpu cooler is cooler master ma410p
  2. how do you know/tell if you made a bad thermalpaste application ? can a bad application still can give good cpu temps ?
  3. iam decompressing/installing files cpu usage is 100% is this harmfull or can damage the cpu ?
  4. can you please tell me what are the safest numbers of a ryzen 5 3600 voltage and clock speed ?
  5. yes it is , one last question is it safe to change the clock speed while undervolting ?
  6. hey guys new to pc i have ryzen 5 3600 and i found that undevolting a cpu will run it cooler without loosing performane is it true ? is there any disadvantages undevolting a cpu ? will it damage the cpu ? and last what is the diffrence undevolting with in the BIOS vs using ryzen master ?
  7. hey bro i bought a cooler master fan i faced the same ''problem'' but don't tight the screw to the max just a little turn so it can hold place and go tight the next one even if it dosen't reach the hole push it with your hands and be carefull to not mess the thermalpast
  8. hey guys is there a good 1080p monitor without ghosting or blur motion ?
  9. hey guys new to pc i want to oc my gtx 1660s https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N166SGAMING-OC-6GD#kf this model is it safe to oc a gpu ? if i fail how is it possible to reset back the defaults settigns ? (how)
  10. how much fps i can gain by overlocking a gtx 1660s gaming oc https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N166SGAMING-OC-6GD#kf
  11. thanks man , are the 8hz noticable ?
  12. any video you recommend or software ?
  13. can you really overlock a monitor refresh rate ? if so is there any conséquences ? is it safe ?
  14. i have a 1660s triple fan from gigabyte are the fans meant to be off on low temps like 50degrees ? what is better for the gpu semi-passib or active fan ?
  15. ? matter the fact do you need to trun off your pc everynight ?
  16. i have a td500 case 4fans 3 are connected out of the box powered by my psu one on the back is powered by the mobo what is the diffrence if fans are powered by MB vs PSU ?
  17. here is my temps while gaming , i also found one the hole on the motherboard backplate is failed that means i only screwe 3 until tight and one is just turning without getting tight is this the reason iam getting high temps ? what should i do ?
  18. i did i found one of the hole from the backplate motherboard is failed that means 3screws are thighten and one not what should i do ?