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  1. Its legit upside down then, reversed I think is a proper way to say it also.
  2. My english suck, what should I rename it to?
  3. Hey guys, I would like you to help me with a problem that came up. My webcam in my hp elitebook was working when I first bought it, but it started showing an error when I tried to open it some time later but the warranty ended so I didnt really care because I never used it...Sounds dumb I know. But what matters now is that I have to use it so i tried everything that came to my mind to fix it. So first thing I did was to update the drivers... the error went away but the camera was upside down.. since then I have reinstalled the drivers a couple of times, I have gone back to older versions,
  4. Heyho, I wanted to ask if its better for me to stay wireless or go the powerline to a nearby plug and ethernet cable to my pc. My router isn't very far in a 'straight line' but there are 2 walls in between... Would that help with my ping? Cause through wireless I definitely wonna throuw the router out of the window whenever I get some lag spikes and my ping is jumping all over the place. Via my wireless adapter my ping is 17 (according to speedest, BULLSHIT), how much would it get improved if I switched to powerline? If I forgot to give you any info, ask me ofcourse! Thank you in adv