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  1. Hi, Recently made a new build with B500 tomahawk and Ryzen 5600X. My mic is doing static noise, and when I share my screen or something like that, I can ear crackling / electric noise on the earphones. I have latest BIOS. It didn't happen before with the build I had, its not earphone issue. Can anyone please help?
  2. Hi, My 5600x is around 40ºC on idle and almost 85ºC on prime95. Is this normal for this cpu? I have good airflow case, and Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240mm AIO. Thermal paste is well applied (applied again, just to make sure).
  3. Done that... Uninstalled all services, run the armory uninstaller... Still no luck
  4. Hello, My RTX 3080 TUF is vomiting rainbow. How do I change the color? Installed Armoury Crate but I get an error when selecting the GPU. is there any other way? Best Regards
  5. Hi there, I installed a new motherboard (MSI B500 tomahawk), and people on teams keep saying I have static noise on mic. Already removed mic boost, reinstalled realtek audio drivers, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Best Regards
  6. I was looking for 3600 C16. Ballistix Crucial is perfect because of the price. But they seem to be tall for my build not sure tho.
  7. I already had Corsair Vengeance LPX and it seems that I had like 1mm clearence between the AIO and the RAM. I'm limited by size. Just dont know by how much...
  8. Hi there, My build: Fractal Meshify C Arctic Liquid Freezer 240mm TOP Mounted (63mm thick [fans+rad]) MSI B550 Tomahawk My question is. How tall can I go in high speed rams? Is Corsair Vengeance LPX my only option? Do you think I can fit Crucial Ballistix? Best Regards
  9. I think its the only RAM I can use... I'm limited by height of the ram... Dont have much space between ram and top AIO. Is there any better ram with same dimensions? PS. Its 3200 CL16
  10. Hi there, Trying to overclock my lpx 3200mhz to 3600mhz (or even 3200mhz but with better timings). I'm using dram calculator but can never boot. Tried safe settings, with recommended values. No boot. I'm attaching Thaiphoon HTML report, and my ryzen dram calculator results... I'm using Ryzen 5600X and my mobo is MSI b550 Tomahawk. Can anyone help? I wanted to reach 3600 MHz if possible... Thanks Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16.html
  11. Hi there. I use my pc mainly for gaming. I currently own: CPU: Intel i5-7600k GPU: NVIDIA 3080 I was waiting for AMD to release 5000 series CPU (especially de 5600X). Do you think 320€ is a waste of money for 5600X? IS 5800X better value? Should i buy 3600 instead? Need some advice please. Thanks
  12. Yes I know, but if the big picture is true and if 4000 is the sweet spot for the new ryzen, I probably can only reach it with 3600mhz stick right? Or can I overclock 3200 to 4000 with stable system?
  13. It seems the problem was that I was using steam version, which is not the most recent one! Downloaded for official website and its ok now. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm trying to make an auto scan on EVGA Precision X1 with my RTX 3080 Asus TUF OC, but I always get the message "Dominant Limiters: No Load". What does this mean? Best Regards