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  1. Hey all, I built a new PC with RTX 3080FE and my RTX 3080 FE has been artifacting sometimes, it must have artifacted 5-6 times in the 3-4 months I have had it. 1. Like 2-3 days after the PC was built, I just opened Mozilla Firefox and the text on the browser was quite weird (Pic attached) 2. The other times it showed artifacts was whenever I launched CSGO through steam (Pic attached) 3. Once I was playing CSGO, some weird in-game rendering took place and my character was attached to some kind of a huge stretched plane that moved along with the character. 4. Today, I launched CSGO, I
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply! My place has temperatures of about 40-45 degree celsius in summers, so the Arctic Freezer would be sufficient for that too? Also if possible could you please suggest case fans and airflow layout for my setup? (FE Card and Air Cooler for CPU)
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will definitely search for alternate air coolers. P.S. The cooler you mentioned costs $60, so it's worth for that? I had few questions about the B550 Gaming Edge, please answer : 1. I may be using the PC for Audio Editing and to plug in MIDI instruments in future, I found that the B550 Gaming Edge's audio codec is not so good? Is the gap between the Mag X570 Tomahawk's audio codec and B550 Gaming Edge's audio codec significant? 2. The Motherboard VRM List, it has MSI B550 : Edge variant in the Tier S list, it's the Gaming Edge only right? Will the Gaming E
  4. Thanks for the reply! I'm relieved to know that the DRP4 will be sufficient. Also is x570 Tomahawk Wifi good? As Tomahawk x570 (non wifi) is rated S tier in the motherboard vrm tier list of the forums. I didn't mention the b550 Tomahawk as it doesn't have wifi and Bluetooth as per my knowledge and for me no wifi in the motherboard would work but I absolutely need Bluetooth in the motherboard so I can connect wireless earphones (and I've observed that most mobos come with both wifi and Bluetooth or none of them, they don't come with only either wifi or bluetooth, they have both of them or
  5. Purpose : Gaming at 4k, Photoshop, After Effects, Android and Web Development. Won't be overclocking at all. Build Details : GPU - RTX 3080 10GB FE - Bought Please suggest any changes required in any of the following parts and also help choose a motherboard, case and whether if an Air Cooler like Dark Rock Pro 4 will suffice or I'll need to go for a Liquid Cooling setup? (Considering that my place has high temps in summer and the pollution & dust level is also high.) CPU : AMD Ryzen 5600x - $385 Cooler : be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 - $105 Motherboard :
  6. @Nakedpeanut I'm a hobbyist. Thanks for recommending the 10700k, just checked it out and it's available for $50 more than Ryzen 5600x, seems like a good option. Will look into it! @igormp Thanks for the descriptive reply! Cleared a lot of my misconceptions about the x570 vs B550 scenario and also made me reconsider 3900x.
  7. I see, but I wanted to know if it would be equally as good in productivity after 2-3 years as gaming is not primary for me. I was thinking of going with AMD Ryzen 5600 along with a B550 motherboard (or x570 in rare case), so that I have PCIE-4 tech which enables some future-proofing + I get upgradability to 5900x or 5950x in the future. (Update : That the Ryzen 5600x would cost approx $390) Do you think it's worth to go with a 3900x/5800x/10850k build if it costs $160 more than the 5600x build? + (Do you think $50 gap between GIGABYTE B550 AORUS PRO WIFI and MSI Tomahawk Wifi X570 / ASUS
  8. Yeah, I know 5600x is a great CPU and has great improvements in all aspects but I am a tad bit skeptical about 6 cores and if it would suffice 2-3 years from now. I saw the benchmarks of it when compared to the Intel 10850k and I found the 10850k a really great offering as it was ahead of the 3900x in almost all benchmarks and costs cheaper. Please let me know your opinions
  9. I am going to be using it for gaming, photoshop, after effects, and occasionally, blender, machine learning and parallel processing I can get a Ryzen 5600x for $330, how future proof would it be?
  10. Hey everyone, After long, I decided to give an upgrade to my current pc running an i7 2600k. I am going to go for a 3070 FE card. I was going to go for a Ryzen 3900x in the start of the year but waited for the 5000 series to launch. Now I am more confused than ever due to the prices of CPU where I live. These are the prices of the CPUs where I live : 1. Intel i7 10850k - $516 2. AMD Ryzen 3900X - $537 3. AMD Ryzen 5800X - $550 4. Intel i7 10900k - $571 5. AMD Ryzen 5900x - $721 What seems the best value to you all? I g
  11. My typing pattern is also quite similar to yours. I use 4 fingers of my left hand, I just don't use the left hand's pinky while typing. Whereas, for the right hand, I only use the index finger. It's quite an unusual pattern but still I am able to type without the need to see the keyboard since years and am able to get above 110 wpm easily mostly and my max is 150 wpm though (only in 25 and 50 word challenge) and I am not a professional typist. So far my typing pattern is not a hindrance in my speed but yes, if someone's starting out with a goal to type professionally and reach 300wpms and what
  12. Yes, I am not going for a processor with less than 12 cores. Yes, I agree with you, 3600 is really great value to be honest, if I were to build an entry level basic PC, I would go and grab a 6 core 3600 as for me it seems to be the ideal choice "right now" in that price bracket. I see. Yes, the price drop in Zen 2 has made it a slight bit difficult to decide between CPUs, but for the top tier CPUs (greater than 10 cores) I would say that going for a 5900x or 5950x would be great but if one is not too much in gaming and can sacrifice some FPS in games, I really think that the 3900x
  13. I had the 2700x vs 3600 scenario in my mind so it missed my mind that the difference of cores and threads is double in the case of 5900x vs 3950x but still I believe that the comparable multi-threaded performance might still exist but yeah as you said soon enough we'll find out
  14. I am really interested in how the new performance boosts and new architectural improvements make the 5900x stand against 3950x. I am saying this before the benchmarks so my opinion may be completely wrong too, but I guess if the 5800x had 10 cores it would be the sweet spot. Yeah. My prediction would be that 5900x would have more slightly single core performance than 3950x but overall slightly less multicore performance but still comparable. I see. The 3000 series was already great value but now it's even greater for your location. .In my place, the price drops are not so
  15. Yes, personally I found the 5900x and 5950x prices to be good. Can't say much about the rest. I don't think that AMD is supposed to be the cheap brand, reading online articles about people basically being exaggeratedly disappointed about the $50 made me a bit confused.