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  1. Post production, and when i get job and able to buy better pc i will render your projects, for good pc somebody can leave it overnight.
  2. I made a interior scene in blender so i can get job. I need it in best quality so nobody can notice its fake. I tried rendering on my PC (3600xt) it showed 50 hours remaining and when 44 hours completed electricity went away and all 44 hours got wasted. Then i tried render street render farm but it showed me ETA of 64 hours and after a hour it canceled and said they don't render a frame for more than 1 hour. My secne needed 27GB of RAM and my 1650 Super has only 4 + 16 shared, i tried to increase shared but couldn't find anything so i can do it. Now i am rendering fo
  3. Thanks Guys its done, i unplugged and plugged all cables then I changed ram slot and it worked! I was crying because I was sad now because I am crying happily. You Guys are so great!!! Thank you so much again!!!
  4. Their is no POST Codes on mother borad. 3600XT 1650Super 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz 970 Evo Plus 500GB MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI ATOM B550
  5. I just build my first PC few days back, I got all parts except my NVMe SSD, so I decided to make it and boot with a hard drive (Hard drive was extracted from my moms laptop as I put SSD in it, so got OS and all data). I build all, I was so nervous and press power button and everything work led turned on! I got straight on desktop after some time, I was so happy as it was my first build. As HHD was from moms Laptop and waiting to get my SSD I just did temps check stress test and stuff. And one more thing when I bootup it showed RAM is not in optimal slot and put in next slot to it, so decided t
  6. Thanks guys for such a great advice, i was so confused and worried i may have spent $2500 and stayed unsatisfied! it means a lot You guys are better then actual customer support! Fast, easy and reliable!
  7. Hey guys, I been planning to buy HP Spector x360 15 2020, but I got stuck when I saw a option of adding 32 GB Intel Optane with NVMe SSD, I thought by Linus Optane is fast and have ultra low latency (nS) and that helps. It would be no brainer for me to through extra $40 bucks for Optane goodness, but and a bog but for me it seems to be that it's only available on US site to include but I am buying it from my country (India) and there is no such options (there is no such options to configure your machine for your needs but they happen to offer maxed out version, and that what i neede
  8. And please suggest be motherboard and pc case which is small and support these all and look simple rectangular box, no rbg, good air flow. Please help i am so confused!