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  1. So recently i have been getting random blue screens of death on my dell inspiron 3552. I looked in the event logger understood some of them but reinstalled windows anyways after formatting the whole system. Now after that also i am still getiing random restarts. I don't lnow what to do. I will include the event logs of the system down below[in attachment]. If someone can help its a hugethanks!! 1.txt
  2. Well my friend doesnt know much about dns and all so he isnt using one. Every night my router is off so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Yesterday night the ping went down to 120 as its same still so atleast cs is playable. Thnx for reply
  3. K so i cant do anything right? The isp is avoiding issue saing due to covid lockdown serverissue, but the problem is how are other users of same isp getting great ping. This issue is only for me, so can i do something to solve it.
  4. Yes i am connected to my closest server. I mostly play csgo and me and my friend from same isp play in same server, i would get 10 times his ping. It isnt a game problem or pc problem as i have tried many fixes and commands in game and for game start up, but issue is there in all the games
  5. Yes i know that, the server is near me as me and my friend from same isp play in same server, i would get 10 times his ping
  6. No, my isp is prepaid so they cant do that. Theres some other issues, i am not getting it
  7. So recently from last couple of days i have been experiencing very high ping 150-300ms in most games i play, previously it used to be around 10-60ms depending on time of day. My neighbor has connection from same isp and same plan, but he has no issues, he is getting great results in ping. I have a 100 mbps connection, connected via ethernet, not downloading anything. I dont have much knowledge of networking, i did a bit search and tried tracert command, heres the result attached, it is bad but what is the solution? Please help