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  1. 1050 ti. Don't have the money for a new graphics card since I just bought a new mouse and keyboard. Thanks!
  2. Oh alright. I always play games on competitive settings (low or med) and I get quite some frames. Only game that I have trouble playing is warzone since I have to lower my render resolution to the minumum wich is 66.
  3. I currently have a R5 3600 and a 1050 ti. Play valorant, warzone, sea of thieves.
  4. Alright thanks. How about 2060s? Are they better than 1660 ti at the moment? I see. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. Hello! I was saving up for a graphics card but I had to buy a mouse and keyboard since they weren't working correctly. Ended up wasting all the money. Waiting for christmas or my birthday to get the grapics card but I was wondering if it was still going to be decent? I was thinking graphic card prices would drop by next year with new graphics card coming out.
  6. As the title says. I upgraded to a 3600 last year on december I had the budget for something greater but I have a low end mobo wich supports all the way to 3600 I believe.
  7. Maybe this? No idea though. The pic I just sent is a whole different program (crystaldiskinfo). Saw no disk health check option in diskmark. Edit: Pic had my hdd's serial number wich I have no idea if its sensitive information. But in crystaldiskinfo, it shows everything is good. https://gyazo.com/4a7eba7805bfb6fbef9c4ee172167d10
  8. Hmm.. https://gyazo.com/439f6e035932926b5837fbf8dc729fa3 Thats what it did for me. Speeds look pretty bad too lol. Also had 1 click in the middle of benchmark.
  9. How is that so? Doesn't diskmark only show speeds?
  10. I haven't checked it. I had once opened my side panel once to move my cpu cooler backplate since it was falling off but I really didn't pay attention to the cpu. Although I had dm'd a person that works in the pre build company and it was supposedly an APEX 500w psu I believe.
  11. Will check this week when I clean up my pc. Thank you
  12. 115 usd max. Saving up for new keyboard, monitor, mouse, and gpu so I really don't want to waste most of it on a psu.
  13. Nope. its not that loud either. I thought it was on boot only but I got it a couple minutes ago. It rarely happens though.