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    zeusthemoose got a reaction from DexterSmythe in Apple Launches All-in-One Web Page With Privacy Labels for Its Own Apps   
    Link to the website:
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    zeusthemoose reacted to Spotty in [MOTF] This thread has 24.9k pointless replies   
    Is it just me or are forum notifications delayed again?
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    zeusthemoose reacted to D13H4RD in Show off your latest purchase!   
    The Yoga Slim 7i 13" came in today!
    Been setting it up and ran Cinebench. Planning a review for, but impressions are hella strong.

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    zeusthemoose reacted to Paul Rudd in Metro 2033 FREE on Steam March 11   
    Metro 2033 is FREE right now on Steam.

    97% positive reviews. 464,790 positive. 9,270 negative.
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    zeusthemoose got a reaction from Tocsin_786 in Java: Trying to Learn Static Methods   
    What you have here is correct, you just never printed it. The way I learned to do it is set the method call of the lastFirst method to a string:
    String word = lastFirst(); You can then print this string:
    Alternatively, you can just print it in one line using
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    zeusthemoose reacted to Moonzy in Show off your latest purchase!   
    It arrived!

    Deja vu? I bought another one because the first one was decent overclocker for VRAM *-*
    And I like the color
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    zeusthemoose reacted to FakeKGB in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I got me some more floppies!
    2 1.44MB, 2 720K.
    The 720K disks are either broken or not-Windows-10/floppy-to-USB compatible, so I'm saving them for when I revive my legacy machine.
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    zeusthemoose reacted to Moonzy in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Finally bought 32gb of RAM!!!
    Generic RAM but it's good enough for me

    Hmm? What's on the back? Don't worry about it, I definitely didn't buy another PC
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    zeusthemoose reacted to Eschew in Show off your latest purchase!   
    File Cabinet!
    "Ashford File Cabinet" for $139.99 (w/Free Shipping)!
    Pretty sweet deal, IMO, it usually retails for $300 - $350? 

    Hoshī + UPS + File Cabinet
    Nice and compartmentalized. 😘👌
    Makes a difference, having the PC and UPS sit at the edge of a long table versus having them on a separate level.

    Current Desk Setup
     Like this. 
    A Closelier Look
    More pics n' lil' details below! (Trigger Warning: Cable Management Gore, lol. )
    Current Mood: 
    [Stomach growls.]
    ...Current Mood: 
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    zeusthemoose got a reaction from Eschew in [MOTF] This thread has 24.9k pointless replies   
    I think you meant parrot-noid
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    zeusthemoose got a reaction from SansVarnic in [MOTF] This thread has 24.9k pointless replies   
    I think you meant parrot-noid
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    zeusthemoose got a reaction from Moonzy in [MOTF] This thread has 24.9k pointless replies   
    I think you meant parrot-noid
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    zeusthemoose reacted to FakeNSA in Murica (But international) Parrot Gang   
    So I might have totally forgotten about the one year anniversary of parrot gang....
    Damb. (I also managed to click right past @Red :) realizing that before me, lol)
    It's been a hell of a year! We're also coming up on a year of covid/limited life, and I hope you're all doing well with that (that's why I've been living on the forum, personally, and I suspect similar reasons for @sub68 and a few others).
    Thanks for an incredible year, everybody, and best wishes for a better 2021. (I know I'm quite late for a new year speech, but whatever)
    Party on, birbs!
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    zeusthemoose reacted to rcmaehl in Modern Affordable VR Body Tracking may be coming soon   
    Swedish Startup StonX is attempting to take on VR body tracking at an affordable price with kits starting at ~$80 USD
    My thoughts
    Full disclosure, I've personally pre-ordered this product. I'm currently running the KinectToVR setup with a 360 Kinect and it has been good, but I'm hoping to see even better tracking with this kit. All cameras KinectToVR can use, whether it be 360 Kinect, Kinect V2, or PS camera, aren't really the best being low resolution or low refresh rate (30hz for 360 Kinect & v2, 60 for PSCamera or 120 with 240P), and the "best" camera being the Kinect V2 is a major issue in which the temp probe it in fails and it completely stops working. A more modern version of these cameras would definitely be a huge improvement, specially at a high resolution. I hope they have succeeded, and I can't wait for my kit.
    PC Gamer
    Upload VR (quote source)
    PC Invasion
    StonX Site
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    zeusthemoose reacted to soldier_ph in Blade, the firm that operates cloud gaming platform Shadow filed for Bankruptcy   
    The firm behind the cloud gaming platform Shadow, Blade, filed for Bankruptcy in the California Northern Bankruptcy Court and the Paris Commercial Court began receivership proceedings on March the 2nd. Blade has now suffered a big setback, with server provider 2CRSi claiming back money owed by Blade with 2CRSi having the right to claim back Hardware worth about 30 Million Euros currently used by Blade and Shadow. There is also 3.7 Million Euros in debt surrounding the deal between Blade and 2CRSi. 2CRSi's reason to claim back the Hardware from Blade is because of the unprecedented demand for it caused by the Pandemic and resulting work and learn from home circumstances, they already have a bunch of inquiries to use the Hardware from new potential Customers. Blade has posted a Statement on the Shadow Website a day after it's filling for Bankruptcy announcing that it will undergo major reorganisation of the company to relief themselves of the debt holding them back and to continue on developing Shadow's Technology. Blade promised it had plans to move forward should it be successful in seeking funding through Investors in the coming weeks.
    My thoughts
    I'm a big fan of the concept and the Tech behind the Shadow Service, would be sad to see them going under. 
    Linus has toured the facilities of Shadow in San Francisco and has also received one of their Special Servers to show off:
    Shadow's Statement and Q&A
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    zeusthemoose reacted to minibois in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Took the first steps towards a custom mechanical keyboard. These looked like a really good deal.
    (oh and thx for the gift cards, you know who you are <3) 
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    zeusthemoose reacted to Faiiiz in Which Switch Tester Should I Buy?   
    It also depends on what size board you want. My recommendations for hotswap boards are Full-size-SK108 TKL-SK87 65%-YC66 or Womier K66 which is the acryllic version of the YC66 60%-kemove snowfox 40%-dont even think about it
  18. Informative
    zeusthemoose reacted to DarkEnergy in Which Switch Tester Should I Buy?   
    All switches are "hotswappable," (ignoring some vintage and probably few rare ones) what makes them hotswappable is if the keyboard PCB has hot swap sockets. The GMMK for example is a good budget hot swappable barebones keyboard. The only thing to look out for is if the switch is a 5 pin switch (2 extra plastic "legs"), make sure the keyboard PCB has 5 holes. Some only have 3.
  19. Informative
    zeusthemoose reacted to kelvinhall05 in Which Switch Tester Should I Buy?   
    If you are willing to solder and desolder a whole keyboard at a time just to find switches you like, go with solder. It's cheaper and your options may increase, depending on what your budget is and what other features you want. Hotswap is good for someone (like you) who is unsure what switches you want, as it's a quick and easy way to swap a full keyboard of switches so you can get an accurate feel on how it is to type and game with them.
    And yes, basically every switch on the market today will fit in the same hotswap socket, worst case scenario you just have to snip off the two little plastic legs (which are not necessary).
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    zeusthemoose reacted to DarkEnergy in Which Switch Tester Should I Buy?   
    Personally I'd just do a lot of research and buy the switch based on sound samples and reviews/opinions. If you're looking for clicky, I've heard good things about the Kailh box switches. They use a click bar instead of the cherry style click jacket. They're much more crisp. I'm currently waiting for some box pinks to arrive so I can put them in a keyboard that won't ship until summer.......
    If you do want to get a switch tester and plan on picking a clicky switch, get a small tester with hailh box clicky switches. Make sure it at least has whites, jades, and navies.
  21. Informative
    zeusthemoose reacted to kelvinhall05 in Which Switch Tester Should I Buy?   
    Switch testers in general are a waste of money. I wouldn't bother.
    Get a hotswap board that fits your budget and several switch types to try in it.
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    zeusthemoose reacted to soldier_ph in A 3 in 1 review: My thoughts on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.   
    My Switch to Apple on the Mobile side of things has been very interesting and eye opening. I got into the Apple eco system in the first place because I wanted a way better Smartwatch than I had thus far so I started to look into the Apple Watch and after Apple announced the Series 6 and SE I knew that the brand new SE was the right one for me. But I first bought the iPad 8 alongside the Apple Pencil first generation and later the Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad for school. After the iPhone event and the new iOS 14 rollout I knew I wanted to get the iPhone 12 mini alongside the Apple Watch SE and boom a couple weeks later I have both. I’m keeping my Oppo Reno 2Z as my experiment phone to try out different Android launchers such as Lineage OS.
    Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB in Black
    Really like the built in QR Code Reader in iOS 14, the Notch is better than those pinhole or punch through Notches but I want the front facing Tech to be either integrated into a smaller Notch or them to be put under the Screen. Battery life is OK but could be better, on long days I end the day with 8 to 10 %. Screen is amazing and feels smooth thanks to the Software being so tightly integrated with the Hardware but I want to see a High Refresh rate Display on the 13 Series. As with every new iPhone Cameras are top Notch and the pictures look great, I shoot in 16:9 with everything else on auto. iOS to my surprise was an easy OS to learn and understand it is much easier designed than Android so I had to get used to to the more simplistic design of the whole experience. I hate Lightning and the fact that I first bought a Wireless charging pad that turned out didn’t even work with the mini phone of the 12 Series but apparently works fine with the other 3. At least Magsafe works as intended and even works through my dbrand grip case. Oh well at least I now also own an Aukey Wireless Charging pad that I’ll for sure will be able to use with another Device in the future. Haven’t been able to try out the 5G Radio on it due to the Pandemic and the 5G only being rolled out to the big Cities. Really like it that it is Water Resistant. Good mic and speakers and excellent Call Quality. Performance is great, I don’t play games on it. I bought the iPhone on 12.11.2020 and have switched to it full time on 13.1.2021 since my dbrand skin + Tempered glass + grip case arrived for it. To my surprise the mini isn't doing so well afterall, people only seem interested in the other 3. Hope Apple doesn't kill it off in the 13 Series since I gotta say that I quite like it.

    iPad 8th Gen 2020 128GB in Space Gray
    Big Screen, good Battery life, solid Selfie cam, good speakers and mic. Again not a fan of the Lightning port. Back Camera is only really useful for AR Applications and nothing more, wouldn’t take pictures on it. The Microsoft Office Suite works extremely well on it, first time it works on a device where Teams does not take literal minutes to start up. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. Home Button works as expected but sometimes can’t recognise my Fingerprint due to sweaty fingers. It’s definitely due for a Design Overall like on the Pro and Air iPads and for USB C to get added to it as well. But for the time being the Xtorm USB C to Lightning Cable is doing a good job in not breaking like all of Apple’s other first party cables. Performance is more than enough for what I have to do on it/ what I’m using it for, which is mostly MS Office Suite and Chrome. I bought the iPad with the Logitech Keyboard folio for it on 14.10.2020 and have been using it since then mostly for school, but also watch Netflix and Floatplane on it now. I later also bought the Apple Magic Keyboard folio since the Logitech one was just too chunky for me and the Keyboard didn’t feel great to type on. I really like the iPad but would prefer a 2 in 1 or MacBook with a Touchscreen to be honest. But since we all know Apple will most likely never do it to now capatalise on iPad sales I'll just stay in this Product categroy of theirs.

    Apple Watch SE 4G LTE in Space Gray with the Solo Loop Band in Coal gray in Size 6
    Setup was easy and adding it to my digitec connect mobile subscription under MultiSim was even easier. Light weight, amazing call quality considering the size of it, really good feeling watch band and at first the bracelet was a bit too big but with time stretching it helped make it fit perfectly, nice Vibrations, cool design of both the Hardware and Software, super easy to navigate, Notifications from the likes of Gmail, WhatsApp and Discord show up natively without any corresponding app on the Watch itself. What I found out this past week is that when you have spotty to no cell connection the watch tries to look for one and thus burns through the Battery really fast leaving me with a dead Battery at 3pm in the afternoon, fixed this by just turning Bluetooth and Cellular off in the morning. I wanted a Smartwatch that's actually smart and works with your every day apps so natively you don't even notice it and I gotta say it besides the Series 6 if you've got the cash is the best Smartwatch on the Market right now.

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    zeusthemoose reacted to soldier_ph in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Was finally able to buy a Webcam after a year of wanting one: Logitech C925e:

    It was 92.60 CHF for those wondering. I figured I may as well go for a really good one that's gonna last me for really long.
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    zeusthemoose reacted to soldier_ph in Experiences with non-techies   
    My Mom every time she sees it: 
    Yoo, cool lamp !

    Me: That's not what that is:

    Meanwhile my actual lamp with two clearly visible wires: Am I a joke to you ?

    This LTTStore sticker is so fitting now:

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    zeusthemoose reacted to Middcore in cat thread   
    Nibbler discovered my top exhaust fan