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  1. btw thank you guys I'll mark as solved the topic :) you rocks !!
  2. okok, yep I've tighten it just were it need force to tight it ( it sounds like a tongue twister lol), also I'm using a new 1g tube of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut a friend give me as a present. Edit: I mean... not the entire tube eheheh
  3. Hi I've installed a 212 led evo on a b365 pro 4 with an i3-9100f. Everything went fine into posting, but I noticed my bios is giving me a 38°-40° celsius temp for my cpu, my room is around 20°c and the 212 led si spinning at 700/800rpm is that normal? I've not tightned too much the cooler do I need to tight more the screws? Maybe too much thermal paste? Thank you
  4. What I wondered is, there wasn't a cmos battery for a while on that board , maybe the bios is corrupted? Or it reverted to a first revision which doesn't support the core quad that was already installed?
  5. Okok, it was my last chance, I need to call that mobo or cpu dead, I've tried everything, different sticks of ram on different.ports, cmos reset, and boot without sata disks, maybe I need an idee connected to boot? But it just don't post anything, the vga was working in a different computer so that is not the problem and the psu is brand new, everything lights up, the fans pins but no beep, I guess that "retro pc save project" didn't went well
  6. Hi , a friend of mine gave as gift this old p5b deluxe from asus with cpu and ram already installed, so I've build the system with a fsp Hydro pro 500w but unf. No post and no beep, everything is hooked up correctly but today I've thinked something, does this board needs -5v? My psu is new so like any new psu it doesn't have the -5v pin but in the manual of p5b deluxe I found this graph indicating -5v ( even if the board is from 2006 I think) it is maybe the cause for non booting?
  7. I don't have enough finance for a tier A or B psu atm, the k versios is because right now strangely is cheaper in italy than something like 9400f , the mobo is cheaper too, but that's for December/January so we will see maybe I'll go with 10th gen depends on the price. Speaking about psu, I can affordable right now anything over 60€ ( more or less) so I need to deal with that specs and psu
  8. Hi, I need to buy a power supply for my pc so I've a particular case now , my actual build is a legacy build to leave it in my audio studio just for tracking ( thief safe): -Intel q6600 ( optional 9650 I'm still deciding) -Asus p5b deluxe - cooler master 212 led -xms2 free corsair 4x2gb (8gb total) -nvidia quadro k600 -sandisk ssd plus 480gb -barracuda 1tb -optional: pro tools hd2 pcie, uad solo (Optional because I'm not sure of those 3 pcie cards I'm testing) -win 10 -4 chassis fan Now the rig is like this but I'm buy
  9. oh, ok, so basically is important only if i don't want to install win from Uefi bootable usb right? EDIT: Thank you, so I guess I'll save 20€ then !
  10. I'm considering buying an Asus H370-Plus but no hw1 I see two version of the same mobo, H370-Plus and H370-PlusCSM, that's 20 € more , I don't get the difference, I remember that CSM is something related to Bios, am I right? M.
  11. sorry from mobile your pcpartpicker list wasn't shown, I'll check your suggestion thank you !
  12. I mean at change rate is like 760€ including the pricier win and the ssd that I already own so cutting that is something between 550 to 600€...
  13. Well I know about win, is there only for showing the choice not to buy directly from there, I use pcpartpicker as a "list" rather than a mirror to stores. Btw why you say so? About the system, I mean working with kontakt I really need a lot of ram and fast ssd , so that's why the big ammount of ram and the sabrent , if you want to articulate more...
  14. Hi, first post here, first I think it's better to introduce myself, I'm Marco, a composer from Italy, I work in music production and virtual orchestration. Going to the topic , I want to build a slave machine to do the heavy duty during composition for my imac, software side i've already experience and I know what to use, I'll use mainly Vienna Ensemble Pro to link the to machines togheter by the hardware side I've planned a configuration but I'm open to help since I'm not experienced , so to sum up: Budget: Around 500€ and 700€ and I'm planning to buy in eu and italy e-stores ,