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    Intel Core i5-7500
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    MSI B250 PC MATE - Intel B250
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    HyperX Fury Black 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2400
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    SilentiumPC Armis AR6
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3 - 650W
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    Acer Aspire A515-41G-125M

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  1. Hi. I have i5 7500 in my desktop and I recently tried to run XTU. To my surprise some of the dials are not locked up. I have aftermarket cooler (I mainly switched from the stock because of the noise but I'm sure it can handle more heat now) So my question is: what exactly does Turbo Boost Power Max and Short Power Max ? Does it counts as overclocking ? If I increase wattage will the CPU run faster or will it be such a small change that it won't be noticeable ? I have B250 chipset so the overclocking in general is a no-go for me. But can I increase the speed at least this way ? Only overclockin
  2. I haven't installed Linux yet on my machine. (I used Linux a bit already tho.) That's the reason I chose to first ask here. I have desktop with i5 7500 (unfortunately without HT) which has HD630 (not sure if it is this exact number but it does have an iGPU) and only single GTX 1660 Ti. I thought of something like this: once I start the Windows VM, script would start with it and switched xorg to use the HD630 and let VM use the GTX card. Then once I stop the VM it would do the opposite or that is "revert" xorg back to the GTX card. I have no idea if this is the most efficient way to do this or
  3. Hello. I would like to switch to dailydriving Linux but I still need Windows for some things and games that Wine doesn't run. I have only one GPU excluding the iGPU. I already found single GPU passthrough on GitHub but I dislike the fact it's kinda like dual booting you can't access the Linux desktop when the Windows VM is on. However I found this. Is it possible to do this but switch to iGPU for Linux when Windows VM is started and pass the dGPU to it and when the VM is off get Linux to run on dGPU again? Also would this work without restarting xorg just like in the post above? It l
  4. I thought of using modprobe to reinsert the driver. I'm planning on disassembling the laptop disconnecting the battery together with CMOS battery later today (I did it before using the acer's battery reset button, but I'm not sure if that did anything.) - as seen here https://tomlee.co/2020/11/intel-wireless-ac-9260-and-linux/ because the error -110 seems to be an issue with linux claiming the wireless card, because it's claimed by the Windows fast boot. I'll let you know how it went. If it won't work I'm going to do it the way you said.
  5. Bad wording. Sorry. I'm not native speaker. I'm trying my best. I meant the link to the intel website. I extracted the downloaded .ucode file to the /lib/firmware using the command in readme. Then what I did was what I wrote before. (The downloaded version didn't work)
  6. Yeah, forgot to mention it. I unpacked the firmware you sent to the /lib/firmware. So when I was trying firmwares one at a time. It was there and it didn't work.
  7. Hello. I bought Intel AC 9260 card to replace my Atheros QCA9377 which was not working on Linux and AC 9260 is not working as well. Can't get the AC 9260 to even start functioning on Linux. I've tried connecting ethernet and doing sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-firmware and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade then I read up on some threads that it can be caused by windows fast startup so I wiped drive installed only linux on it then tried to unplug the battery (with the hardware button) and turned on WOL (read somewhere it can help). This had no effect. Then I tried deleting i
  8. Hi. I'm all new to linux and want to learn just by doing but I really don't have a clue why isn't this working. So, I installed Raspbian Lite on my Pi 4. Went ahead and set up everything through 'sudo raspi-config', installed lightdm, xorg-xserver. Of course only thing that I needed was a desktop enironment with window manager. So I run command : 'sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-terminal'. It installed just fine but version 4.12 which is not latest. I want to install latest 4.16 version which should be available right ? I tried changing the sources.list and tried to run 'sudo apt
  9. Hi. I want to ask if it is possible to use XMP or something like that to run more than 931.5 Mhz that my RAM is currently running. Maximum frequency of the RAM stick is 2133Mhz, according to notebookcheck my APU has 1866Mhz memory controller. (A12-9720p) So it should be possible to overclock the memory right ? I noticed this after running userbenchmark on it. My laptop is pretty trash (A515-41G-125M + m.2 sata ssd installed and repasted cpu and gpu), I know that, but I don't have the money to buy a new one and the RAM frequency seems pretty low, so I think there could be at least some performa
  10. Well, it's a headset mic - Steelseries Arctis 1. I switched from cheap standalone mic to that, because of discomfort using the mic placed a half a meter away from me and moving to it everytime I wanted to talk.
  11. Yes, but for some reason the discord lags out when playing some games or just starting up games and it just really annoys me. It's probably a CPU issue. I have i5 7500 and found pretty much no fix. Most of the fixes included resetting audio settings, disabling hw acceleration and keeping the drivers updated. So this solution was what came to my mind.
  12. Hello. I'm trying to come up with an audio setup that would suit my needs. That is having a laptop and desktop (with Barrier software installed) connected to the same headset. That is being able to use microphone for discord on laptop while being able to hear sounds and using in game voice chat on desktop. Of course I would like to have sounds from laptop and be able to connect my speakers as well even though the speakers can be connected to only desktop. I've read that Audio Mixer is what I need, but those have only 1 Input or Output. Friend told me that I need an Sound card, which raise
  13. The XMP is enabled. The thing is why the Debug LED for CPU was blinking as well. - It happened to me like over a half a year ago (I couldn't boot - had to reseed the cpu), but I didn't tampered with anything before that, nor replacing the components. Just cleaning the case with air duster. So you think I should not worry too much about it?
  14. Hello. Today I bought a new 2x4 GB kit of RAM - it is the very same model as I already have in my PC - khx2400c15d4/4g. I installed them and nothing happened. Debug LEDs for CPU and DRAM were blinking. I was trying to swap them, boot with only one pair and so on. Then I just figured they are not compatible for some strange reason and only put the old pair in. It still wasn't booting... I got to the post screen after reseeding the cpu, because this actually happened to me some time ago as well. I'm really concerned that there is something wrong. I already noticed I have pretty crappy case - it
  15. Okay, thanks. I'll just stick to different channel for now and take a look at the kernel.