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  1. it worked! i reinstalled windows through windows media creation tool and im now able to play all my games normally. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. My sister's Asus VivoBook X540NA laptop, which is barely a year old, used to run fine on battery as well as on AC power until a month ago, when all of a sudden an issue came up. The laptop dies immediately when unplugging it from power. I checked around in windows power settings to change anything peculiar, but everything was alright. I ran the windows powershell command to check the device's battery health, but i did not know what those numbers meant. I'd like to know if theres anyway i can fix this issue through software before giving it to a service centre. Thanks in advance!
  3. ah i see what you mean, your meaning makes more sense if im being honest lolol.
  4. role playing game, we are playing the role of a character in game, be it Nathan drake or Lara croft. correct me if I'm wrong please, but aren't those what RPGs are?
  5. ah alright got it. thanks a lot for your help!
  6. my fans didnt even ramp up to medium speed even once, and the temperatures never crossed 45 degrees
  7. okay, I'll download cinebench now and run the test. will get back to you soon. thanks!
  8. ive owned it since the beginning of january. i had made a system image of the laptop brand new as soon as it arrived, so i could use that and reset it, or i could reinstall windows. which should i do? is there any way i can fix this without having to do any of the above? also, i tried running ghostrunner again with the high performance power plan, but im still getting 10 fps
  9. oh i see, why are the clocks so low when im in a game then? any idea how the problem could have arised all of a sudden?
  10. @Naijin okay i dont understand, sometimes it spikes to 2.5-3 ghz, otherwise it sits at around 0.3-0.9 ghz. it keeps fluctuating. my pc is not as responsive as it used to be either, things like windows animations, opening applications and programs, etc. have all become slower than usual. is this also because of the low cpu clocks?
  11. yep i made sure it was plugged in several times. alright i will try this and get back to you soon
  12. i am using firefox only right now and my cpu is running at 2.5 to 3 GHz, this doesnt make any sense
  13. there is a HP Recommended power setting. i have been using that since i recieved the laptop. although i did make one single change. under power options>change plan settings>change advanced power settings>multimedia settings>when playing video>plugged in>changed from optimize video quality to balanced. i was told to do this on this article i cannot find right now edit: this issue was persistent even before i changed the setting to balanced
  14. WhatsApp Video 2021-03-19 at 13.22.39.mp4 this is while playing ghostrunner. this issue persists even when i disconnect the monitor, and the hdmi port connects directly into the gpu
  15. I had purchased an HP Omen 15 2020 laptop in the month of January, with 8GB RAM, Ryzen 5 4600H and GTX 1660Ti. I was able to play all my games smoothly until today morning, when I just downloaded rainbow six siege. the game defaulted to 720p low when j launched it for the first time, and was getting only around 20 FPS on high settings at 1080p. dropping settings down to medium only increased FPS to 25. I suspected the integrated graphics were being utilised, but hwmonitor and task manager both said that the GPU was at 70-80% utilisation. one thing I noted is that the GPU temperature never cros
  16. what do you mean by different style games? are they not the usual third person RPGs?
  17. would you say the tomb raider games are similar to the uncharted games? if so id be interested in claiming and playing these games.
  18. why do you say that amd 5000 series laptops would come with thunderbolt 3? is it mentioned so in the spec for usb 4, or has amd mentioned so somewhere?
  19. Firstly, sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong sub. My friend is in the market for a laptop, and he wants to use it with a laptop docking station in order to connect his 2 external monitors, Ethernet cable, external hard disk and peripherals, and connect an eGPU should he need it in the future. He has his mind fixed on the HP Omen 15, with a Ryzen 5 4600H and GTX 1660ti, but I'm pretty sure, that in order to dock a laptop you need to have at least one Thunderbolt 3 port. Are there any AMD 4000 Series laptops in the market right now that come with Thunderbolt 3? If t
  20. oh alright, I'll go with the 3500U one then. kinda surprised that the iGPU beats the mx110 dgpu. thanks for your help!