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  1. using a 85 inch 4k tv on a daily basis, watching cable at 480p on the tv is not as bad of a an experience as people might think it would be. it is understandable to be "addicted" to a resolution or clarity, but i suppose it varies from person to person as to what is a god viewing experience.
  2. lmao i used to play with a laptop with that same processor on an Asus Vivobook 15, Intel Celeron N3350, 4GB RAM with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 500. Here's a list of games i was able to run at 20+FPS smoothly without drops, if youre interested: answering your question, for shooters and competitive games, 24+fps is fine at any resolution or setting with minimal frame drops. for story based games and stuff, 15 fps is the least i'd take. ping wise, i honestly dont mind a lot of ping, i would be comfortable playing until 100-150 ping depending on the game
  3. the guide says to boot it in download mode by holding the volume up button and then plugging it into the pc. when i do so, i dont know if my phone is actually in download mode, nothing shows up on my phone screen, but the pc recognizes "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008(COM9)", and LGUP tool says that there is no device plugged in. anything i can do, or should i try and flash it with qualcomm qfil software instead?
  4. umm im not sure about the full model number, but i know that its the H791 32GB variant (stated on the bottom back of the phone), i still havent done the flashing process coz i was caught up with school work, but ill remove the battery cover just to be sure.
  5. update, plugged in the phone via usb type-c, phone is showing signs of life, windows detects it as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008(COM3)", which is what lots of people with the same issue on the xda forum also say ill go forth with the TOT flashing soon, fingers crossed that it works!
  6. if you dont mind, could you please link a walthrough to me? i couldnt find anything when i searched.
  7. that's not the phone that I want to repair though, lol the phone I dropped was my old one. the one I want to repair is one with no physical damage whatsoever, it's been hardbricked after I flashed a custom rom
  8. you've got a point there yes, but again, I live in a rather rural area, there's not many shops that I can give a nexus to, since they all repair phones like cheaper Xiaomis oppos and vivos (please don't get the wrong idea with what I'm trying to say lol) I don't mind giving it to a repairman, but I'd like to see if there is anything I could do by myself to repair it. if not then I guess I could go a month without a phone and then purchase a new one in the upcoming festive season, so prices will be slashed as well, like how @PCGuy_5960suggested
  9. i thought I would do that if there was no way to fix the phone by myself. there are no Google or LG service centres near where I live, and I'm not confident giving my phone to a 3rd party phone serviceman, the phone services in India, although plenty in number, are pretty sketchy
  10. I gave the phone to an authorised Asus service centre (was an Asus phone) and they said the phone is irreparable. is there nothing I can do about the Nexus?
  11. is there nothing I can do about it? I'm in desperate need for a buffer phone until I'm able to afford a new one
  12. a brief summary (these events occured 1 year back) i have a nexus 5x, which worked well for about 3 years, and then the phone suddenly crashed while using instagram, and was stuck in a bootloop. i looked online(before i knew about the ltt forum) and realised that it was a common issue, and most people said that the way to fix it was to flash a custom rom. so i did flash a custom rom, and the phone worked well for a week, before it crashed (again while using instagram), and now it wont turn on. the only indication of life which was on the phone is a red light on the bottom speaker g
  13. thanks a lot! will look into prices and specs once the sales begin on a side not, when do you thing we can expect mobile ampere to come out? would it be practical to wait in the hopes of it releasing in the next month or two?
  14. on a side note, if i were to wait, when could we expect mobile ampere and mobile bignavi to roll out? is it practical to wait, since college will be starting in a few months
  15. between 1,00,000 Lakh INR and 1,40,000 INR (cheaper, the better). a 2060 laptop would be the my best bet, and no 4 core CPUs please, they would limit me during future school use. probably a 6core or better lke the 10750H or the 4600H? fast refresh rate and SSD storage too. also, even a regular laptop with a dgpu in it would do, i dont like RGB much and am going to disable it anyway, gamer-y aesthetics are not a requirement either. a huge festival is coming up, and e-commerce sites like amazon and flipkart are going to have laptops on sale with massively cut prices withi
  16. this laptop is going to have to be my daily driver for both school (computer science and graphic designing) as well as gaming purposes. what would your recommendations be under a 1200-1300 USD budget? im buying from india, so a 1200$ laptop would cost around 200-300$ more where i live
  17. yeah i probably wont go with the a15 then. the laptop i purchase has to be of use to me 4-5 years down the road as well as now. lmao i wouldnt call that being a cheapskate, thats just smart what model would you recommend? i have to make a purchase within the next 10 days, and it is absolutely urgent.
  18. the tongfang chassis laptops are not available in india either the asus g/gl line ups are bad? i was considering getting the asus g15 with the 10750H and 2060 dammit. what are the issues with these? would the omen 15, legion 5, and/or msi gl65 be viable long term options(4-5 years) any other recommendations?
  19. yes, i was aware that the tuf a15 has a terrible display and very bad thermals. i would still like to ask you thoug, has the thermals of the cpu and gpu ever restricted or limited your work use? what are the negatives of running it hot at all times while gaming/working on it? and what do you mean by replace the display? is it something i can do on my own or will i need a professional to do it for me? what i had heard is the sRGB coverage of the display is terrible, and it doesnt get bright enough with all of these issues, do you still find your a15 usable? did you repla
  20. oh, so any rtx2060 listed as the "1F15" is the 115w laptop variant? can I search up this code and find results of all the laptops with this variant?
  21. I prefer gboard, since their autocorrect system is very precise and helpful, it always recommends the correct words when I mistype something. the overall feel of gboard is much better for me compared to my time using SwiftKey.
  22. since I'm in the market for a gaming laptop, my budget allows me to get a laptop that goes upto the RTX2060 for the GPU. since I want to squeeze as much performance as I can out of the laptop, I would like to purchase a laptop that comes with the 115w refresh of the RTX2060. I only know that the MSI GL65 Leopard comes with the 115w variant, but I'm not aware of any other laptops that come with this variant. can somebody please help and list all the laptops that come with the 115w variant of the rtx2060? p.s. laptops from brands like eluktronics and xmg are not availab