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  1. Hey, as many people do, I ask myself if I should whether buy the Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro or the Audio Technica M50x. I want to pair them with a Creative Soundblaster G6 Soundcard which I am going to buy, not having it yet. I am not a producer or something, I just care about good and clear sound quality for listening to music, of course it should be detailed and precise. I watched reviews but still can't decide, because the M50x should have better bass (?) but at the same time I am going to use it with a sound card with which I can customize the sound whatever way I want. I only
  2. 240hz your PC is pretty common and I know that it can run most games at competitive settings at 300 FPS+ so you should be good with it. I would not recommend big monitors for FPS games since they really do affect your eye FOV
  3. Your mouse refreshes more often, of course YouTube Videos don't change. Scrolling is smoother, your mouse is smoother and that's it. You actually see your mouse more often because it refreshes more.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Extension-Cable-Male-Female/dp/B00NH11R3I Should be possible I did similar things with my Blue Yeti lol quality was okay and I was using some 3 Dollar Cable so you should be fine
  5. AMD Wraith Prism RGB, my best result on Cinebench R20 was 3860
  6. No, I did not do anything in the BIOs. I tried going 1,25V, my PC crashed lol
  7. yes I'm going to be video editing with 4.35 GHz and gaming with 4.4GHz since that works everytime
  8. But weirdly on 4.35 ghz Its stable in Cinebench R20 and I get a score of 3747 pnts
  9. I don't really benchmark with it but it renders fine and games run fine aswell. My temps don't go over 72 Degrees Celsius but yesterday with same settings I quitted a game and the temps didn't go down from 55 degrees though they normally do