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  1. Isn't coil whine a sort of constant noise ? Here the noise is like some kind of "tick" every 1 second or so.
  2. MP3 file attached, put the sound at maximum you can hear the weird sound. Anyone would have an idea what this recurring sound is coming from the GPU ? If I stop the fans, the sound still happens. This happens when in the menu of a game, but not on desktop. Here is MP3 file. When I put my hands to physically stop the fans, the exact same sound is there. EVGA GTX 1070 Ti ACX 3.0 BLACK GAMING EDITION (RMA card but still under warranty) Thank you for your answers. VID_20210114_202615.mp3
  3. Interesting. I'm everything on ultra on 1440p and I'm at 90-100fps approximately.
  4. Hi guys ! So in the last 10 days, on 2 occasion a very weird behaviour has suddenly appeared onto my PC. It starts lagging like crazy, it's like if there was a massive latency. When I click on something, the click happens a few seconds later. Everything is lagging. I checked in taskmanager and noticed that "system interrupts" is taking lots of CPU load, and then downloaded latencymon to see what is causing this, here are the results with the detailed log https://imgur.com/a/uddydHP I don't really know where to look. PC is 3 months ol
  5. Had lots of fun making this one Very happy with the EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3. The undervolt is insane, virtually performance and -7 to -10°C GPU temps. MB : MSI X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI CPU : Amd Ryzen 7 3700X - (OC Enhanced Mode 3) CPU Cooler : Noctua NH-D15 GPU : EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 PSU : Seasonic Focus 850W Platinum RAM : 16Gox2 3200Mhz SSD : Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe 2To Here are some pics !
  6. No worries, @Stahlmann ! Maybe someone else can help me
  7. So I looked and it was already on NVEC I changed the encore from NVEC to software and i still have same problem, when i open OBS the power draw is decreased and also the stream is super laggy. This only happens on Port Royal which is RTX game.
  8. I had a quick question. I wanted to show Port Royal Benchmark to some friends via Twitch. And when I launched Port Royal whilst streaming, the stream fps was extremely low and also instead of getting 55fps on Port Royal I was doing much less, like 20fps. I was wondering if it's normal that the GPU draws less power when opening OBS ? I'm not even streaming, I'm just opening OBS.exe and letting it run. I also get FPS drops (about 10%) in games (like Monster Hunter world, which is not an RTX on game) Here's an example with Port Royal in 1080p windowed on my 1440p screen : W
  9. I opened Overwatch and noticed that I have to put the volume of the game to 100 and windows volume to 80 to be able to hear comfortably... Before I was at in game volume 50 and windows volume 50 approximately !
  10. I tried doing one then the other, repeating and playing the same passage again and again and couldn't tell any difference, both were as loud as the other. I looked at my audio chipset manual and it says that the front panel jack is amplified.
  11. UPDATE : So I just received the DT990s and when I plug it in my front panel mobo the sound input seems to be fine. When I put the music at 100% it's quite loud, not loud enough to cause immediate pain, but far loud enough for me I think. Seems all good then ! I use to play / listen to music with a pair of Bose QC35 II and the DT990 seem to sound better, but so far I can't hear the outstanding difference. Maybe I'm going deaf EDIT : After doing more testing I can hear much more "depth" and more "punch" from the DT990, god dayum. Thank you for the output, so to conclude it seems that
  12. Hello everyone, first ever post here So I have an "old" mobo which is the MSI BIG BANG MARSHALL B3 (2011), at the time it was a beast and today still runs quite well. I bought the DT 990 250 omh version and I'm wondering if I need an amp to power these. I'm really not sure, after searching the internet for a couple hours and watching vids / reading forums the answers are not conclusive although I learned a ton about DACs and Amps which is cool ! The mobo itself advertises high quality sound components, and I managed to find the audio chipset name which is a Realt