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    pomgod reacted to Haro in Rx 5700 + Ryzen 3500 throttle?   
    If you're still not planning on getting the GPU now. Just wait for ampere and big Navi which should be released/ announced later the year. 
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    pomgod reacted to Haro in Rx 5700 + Ryzen 3500 throttle?   
    bottleneck? technically there is always a bottleneck, some workloads are cpu bottle necked and other's are gpu,  in a sense that the 3500 will slow down the 5700, then no the 3500 will be fine for the most part. 
    what about the 3300x/3600? what are they priced at? also consider the 5600xt, like a pulse model which comes with flashed with the new firmware, they're basically a 5700 with a smaller frame buffer. 
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    pomgod reacted to Mateyyy in Rx 5700 + Ryzen 3500 throttle?   
    Bottleneck? Unless you plan on going 240FPS in Fortnite all Low settings or exclusively play Battlefield 5, no, the 3500 will keep up just fine. 
    Have you considered going with a 3600 and 5600XT instead though? The 14Gbps vBIOS models, like the Sapphire Pulse or Powercolor Red Dragon, are super close in terms of performance to the 5700, but with the 3600 you're getting double the threads.
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    pomgod reacted to Shimejii in Rx 5700 + Ryzen 3500 throttle?   
    Should be fine
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    pomgod reacted to Eighjan in What do I need to make RGB work on this PC case?   
    It'll depend what the controller the case comes supplied connects to... esp. for power.
    It may work perfectly fine off the remote, but that may well be something you only find out by buying the case.
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    pomgod reacted to Fasauceome in Can I use an Antec X1 T cabinet in 2020 for mobo/cpu from 2020?   
    standard ATX so any ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboard will fit