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  1. I bought my first pc in four years not too long ago, and ever since then I realized how paranoid about everything I am with it, I constantly touch the top of it to see if it's overheating, constantly check CPU-Z to see my core voltage and all, it usually runs warm (regular clock Ryzen 5 3600) but never alarmingly hot, only happened once and ever since then I got three more fans for my case just to keep everything ok. I'm also thinking about ditching the in-box Ryzen cooler for something more future-proof than the regular small heatsing and single fan. Just wondering if I should stop
  2. Update, sent my 1660 to warranty, turns out something in it was busted, it was an actual hardware problem and not a driver error. Hope this helps someone with the same problem.
  3. Also, kinda weird question, but, if this problem doesn't go away, should I replace it with warranty? I recently bought it so I don't think it should be having any of these issues
  4. I'll try to run in clean mode, I'm installing drivers from the nvidia site now to see if it makes any difference and I'll try running in clean mode in case it doesn't make a difference
  5. I tried running CMD and using that command after seeing a post on the Microsoft forums, and about the HDD it is brand new, usage is about normal unless windows throws a 100% usage at me from nowhere, I tried using every single Graphics Card driver I could though, how can I fix this?
  6. I bought a new pc and recently I've been having some problems with lag and stutter, it really got worse these past few weeks and basically it works like this: I am minding my business and/or gaming and when I try to alt tab or open task manager EVERYTHING lags and stutters to the point of being unusable, after opening the windows error message logs I saw the following messages: Hardware Failure, LiveKernelEvent 141. Some people said it could be a driver problem, but older drivers don't make a difference, in fact, sometimes it seems they make it worse. My specs: GPU GTX 1660
  7. So this has been happening the past three to four days, it even happens after brand new windows installs. I wondered what it could be and how could I solve it. System specs: GTX 1660 Ryzen 5 3600 AsRock a320m-HD 2x8GB 2666mHz 1TB HDD