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  1. I am sure this is well meant. But it is just well meant unsubstantiated nonsense. For example, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX used to do it. But it's not available anymore, right now. The more gaming centric mouse my brother had did it. So you can only really save me the searching if you had done it yourself, which you didn't.
  2. The razer products are very premium in price though. And I don't see how the Ultimate has all three methods. But I will keep looking into it. With integrated charger I mean the ability to both work with AA 1,2 rechargeable batteries AND being able to charge them in the mouse via USB. The best of both worlds.
  3. I looked into the M510. I think I am using one of its predecessors. Or actually an older 510. It looks very similar in and has the same functionality. My modelname is rubbed of though after 10000 hours or more of use. For now I think the 603 might be it, if I don't find anything that works wired/charges it's AA itself. I am just looking into how bad the scroll wheel bug really is.
  4. I hear you. And I want to believe you. But I have read the product pages of both a couple of times now and I fail to see it.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. I don't see what it adds to the G603 though other than more money for less battery life. That seems incredibly wasteful. And even then, a couple of years down the line the batteries are going to be dead, especially if they are always being charged. And I want to keep them 10 plus years if possible. I will look into it.
  6. Thank your for your answer. The 703 though does really not fit most of my requirements. It is full on RGB gamer crazy but only connects one way, and worst of all, it uses integrated Li-Ion batteries. That's the thing I am really trying to avoid. I am already angry enough at phone manufacturers, I don't need anymore integrated Li-Ion's. And it's quite expensive. The same applies to the 502. Edit: I found something that nearly fits perfectly: If there was a Logitech G603 that additionally works both wired and could charge it's two AA Batteries via USB, that would be bullseye.
  7. I need to buy a new mouse. I currently use a 15 year old wireless logitech office mouse. Half of it's gliding pads are gone, it has both the doubleclick bug and sometimes drops stuff prematurely when dragging and dropping. It's time to part ways. I bought it 15 years ago from birthday money, because it was available at the nearest store. First time I actually want to make an informed choice and I am overwhelmed by the choices. Maybe someone can help me bring order to the chaos and knows what I am looking for. My dream mouse would be: - working 3 ways
  8. Very good question. The answer is: Early 2010's Gigabyte Motherboard
  9. My thought was, that I am still putting power into the fan, but it is not spinning anymore, so it has to create heat somewhere. And because it's not moving it doesn't get any cooling.
  10. I have got a quick and easy question: If I apply a low voltage (3pin DC) or low duty cycle percentage (4pin PWM) to a fan, so low they don't even keep spinning, does it damage them? Reasoning: I recently optimized by Noise Profil by installing and configuring speedfan. The software is a little bit older, with limited datapoints for your fancurve. More often than not, when idling, it applies 10 or 15 percent pwm (in my case) to the fan, which is not enough to keep it spinning, not to mention start them up. I suppose the same is possible with DC controlled
  11. Better still is to finetune what you want in Windows using Speedfan. But I'd like to tag on a quick question for some of the more experienced: If I apply a low voltage (3pin DC) or low duty cycle percentage (4pin PWM) to a fan, so low they don't even keep spinning, does it damage them?
  12. Just to get a feel for it, a lot of them a similar with differnt labels on top. Also, you being an Eidgenosse, I could actually order from those sites.
  13. Would you mind to share which two components you used exactly?
  14. Push! @Kilrah Did your Adapter arrive, is there any new information on the topic?
  15. Thanks a lot! Could just tell us the kind of doc you have as well? Since I would not only have to order a propably anyway handy adapter but a potentially useless dock at well, I would very much aprreciate a someone trying it out.
  16. Well this is very close to the third link I posted. Do you have any experience or idea if it would actually work?
  17. Hello everybody! I signed up here on purpose just to ask that question, because I have seen this topic as a part of LTT's videos several times, and I consider this both a big, active and thematically divers forum. So I thought I'd ask this question here: In my current situation my PC is located nicely for noise, desksetup and thermals, but it is barely reachable anymore. So I laid my eyes upon one of those puppys: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07V2N5BJV?ref_=pe_780061_49410461_dpLink https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07VFMVHSS?ref_=pe_780061_49423841_dpLink Those are germa