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    8Gx2 2666MHZ
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    INTEL 660P 512G
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    120 freshrate with 45 NTSC
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    WIN10 1809
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    ROG GA502

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  1. Download GPUINFO and check the VRAM usage when running tasks like you mentioned. And it also might be the driver's problem. Upgrade it to the latest version or just roll it back. Anyway, worth having a try.
  2. A good motherboard normally means high quality instead of good performance. Choosing a highly rated one within your budget is ok.
  3. If you're going for a budget upgrade, just choose a ryzen chip.
  4. You mean gta V? Your system can run it for sure.
  5. Just choose a 1650super or a lower spec one. An i3 9100f is not so capable for some latest games.
  6. Seems the i7 2600 is the bottom neck. And the ram clock is also important in games like pubg. So better check it if you can.
  7. RX 580 sure can reach 60 or higher fps in warzone at 1080p, just make sure the vram usage is under its limit.
  8. Probably the gpu usage is not getting full. Just check it on msi afterburner. Maybe it is the ram clock speed causing this problem.
  9. My laptop once got the cpu fan at 2700RPM and gpu at 2500RPM (particular this speed), which shoud be really quiet for these two tiny fans, but they became super loud instead. Then I adjust them both at 2700, and the system is now way better silent. Is it resonation? Or maybe go check the screws on them.
  10. Be sure to have a good thermal paste and if possible, upgrade your cooler.
  11. The charge speed goes down sharp when it reachs 80-100%, so it's not that much
  12. Not much performance improvment for the nitro, just 5% for the slightly higher base clock. They have same heat pipes but 3 fans sure do better cooling. Like it's paying more for the cooling, better RGB and a fancier look.
  13. That is so difficult to manage the cables considering how slim the case is. And I'm kinda worrid about the cpu cooling but this Noctua seems doing a pretty good job. Anyway, a nice system!