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  1. yup!!! I think its better to buy an internal hdd + dock since I have a huge desk. Replacing my old drive is not a logical reason for me.
  2. So, I run out of space to add another HDD in my case. I do not plan to change my case as well. Which one works better for long-term usage? An external HDD that is plugged all the time or an internal 3.5 HDD that is plugged all the time? Do note that the reason I am adding another HDD is for games and work-related stuff. Since my 1TB is not enough for these 2 anymore and I will not add stuff to my 2x256GB SSD since they are used for OS and Adobe Apps. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Yes! Thats what I meant. 2 cable for 2 sockets on the psu on the same card
  4. Hi guys! I just want to ask ifI can use the 2 pcie cable TOGETHER of my Seasonic M12ii evo 520w to power my spare GTX 560Ti? I do not plan to upgrade my PSU since the pc is just mainly for programming, league of legends and online studies so I do not plan to allocate budgets to this one. Thank you!
  5. Yeah lmao. Upgrading my pc parts irks me at some times especially with many good options to choose from . Im thinking getting a b450 board right now. But x570s are just too good to passed on. So yeah. Closing this thread now here.
  6. I mean i have a spare ryzen cpu sorry for not clarifying.
  7. Yeah. But I am not upgrading my board to work with the new GPUs.
  8. Hi, here it is https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/joao-silva/amd-b550-motherboard-spotted-running-zen-cpu-apu/ Im replacing mine so my other build (i3 4160 can inherit it haha we have a spare cpu for it and ram) I know it is still a pretty good board. It just bothers me that I didnt made enough researches resulting to my periphs not syncing with the board and it kinda bothers that I paid for it. Though its my fault. Im also thinking to just get a b450 board with a 3 pin header.
  9. Hi guys. Good day. I just want to ask and get some clarification, i read somewhere on the internet that B550 supports Ryzen 5 2600 while some says its not. (Ive also seen a screenshot where apparently a B550 runs a 2600/2600x) Also, if its not compatible, can you suggest a good MSI or Asus x570 that has 3-pim aRGB (Im really not good at this anymore and not updated with the motherboard scene apparently) Current specs R5 2600 16gb gb ram B450m mortar max Reason for upgrading Just so that I don't have to use that stupid c
  10. Hi guys! I've fixed ti by reseating. But is it normal that it appears 1600mhz? or that's where DDR (double data rate) appears?
  11. Previously ive tried that, but it wont even post. It wont post and shows error that i have put my ram in the wrong slot so I have to get them back to the original position which is A2 and B2 (just like what the manual indicates for 2 ram sticks)
  12. I'll see it later. I'm just copying important files. But I think no bent pins since I haven't mess with it since January (they work fine back then by the way) other than cleaning dust
  13. Hi guys! I just need some help here. I can't seem to find out the cause of this. But my bios and windows detects my 2 sticks of ram but only read as 8gb (the other is on Memory Reserved) When I bought this computer, I just turned on the A-XMP profile in bios and it works fine and read my ram as 3200mhz and 16gb Note that I am sure as hell, 100%, that this is a very, very similar ram (timings, speed, capacity, etc) since I bought them as packed. (I still have the box for the rams so I am really sure they are really the same) Also another note, I am sure as hell as well that the
  14. Is it really an IPS? Im planning to get the 2k QHD IPS 2ms one...
  15. Hi stumbled upon this, whats your insight on Anmite monitors? Theyre kinda cheap. Im planning to get the 2k IPS screen theyre offering at Lazada and Shopee