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  1. Can someone please explain because I’d love to get my hands on one.
  2. I have on Pub G it can reach 85 degrees, thats without a overclock. But if I want to overclock could changing the thermal paste help ?
  3. get a gtx 970 or 980. Perfect power for basically any game and they are extremely cheap.
  4. Hello guys I have two GPUS. The MSI GTX 970 OC and the Founders Edition 970. I stressed tested them both with the same variables and the MSI card hits 74C and the founders edition hits 81. I understand that the MSI has two fans which in return will keep it cooler. But what can I do for my founders edition, should I change the thermal paste ? Its pretty old but would that yield better results ? Or maybe the 970 is fine at 81 degrees. Let me know what you think. Thanks !!!
  5. omar0o


    I think you all forgot that maybe just maybe it was a joke....
  6. omar0o


    After basically my whole life using an hdd i finally upgraded to an ssd and holy shit i can finally see above 60 fps
  7. So basically, the cpu was bad. Ended up switching the mobo to a gigabyte b450m aorus M. Thanks !!
  8. Also do you think I should get a different motherboard ?
  9. I currently have a hard drive from my old system, an old bios was installed on it. Do you think maybe it interferes ?
  10. The problem is i don’t.....
  11. You see i don’t know. I bought all of these components new from micro center. I assume it would have the bios needed but it won’t post. Everything else spins and runs but i wouldn’t think it has something to do with the cpu
  12. Highly suggest thinkpad I’ve been looking into it a lot recently and am going to college soon so ill hopefully get it
  13. Hello, so i Just built a new System. It is a 3600, b450m hdv matx, g skill 3200 2x8. The gpu is my old one a GTX 970 and a powerspec power supply. When i boot it up all the fans spin even the gpu. But i don’t get any signal on my monitor. I switched the ram and isolated it and still wont. I doubt the gpu is dead because the fans spin and I had used it before. My suspicion is maybe i have to update the bios even though it said it was 3000 ready. I also cleared the cmos and took out the battery thing. Any suggestions ?
  14. Im looking at these two products and can get them for a decent price. My concern is how future proof they are. Im on a budget, I play GTA V PubG and am looking for something that can upgrade my fx 6350. The 9100F is a great price and I am not much of a gamer I am more casual. What are you guys opinion ? Thanks I am also rocking a gtx 970.