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  1. Ok Will do but 1 question, when OCing manually, should I have the Core Voltage fully unlocked at 100% and power and temp limit maxxed out as well then start testing the OC or do it with basic power settings than apply the power settings after i find stability?
  2. Using MSI afterburner newest version that supports Ampere and OC Scanner just wont run. Also tried EVGA Precision and the Scanner wont run? Not sure what to do and if these programs can even properly overclock a 3090?
  3. when i had a 2080ti i would unlock the Core Voltage and set it to 100%. is that safe to do with a 3090 strix OC?
  4. Just wanna know what the average amount of memory boost is that you can get on 3090s in general or more specifically this model.
  5. yeah im not trying to type faster im trying to figure out which Key Switch is fastest
  6. Cant seem to find a straight forward answer through google searches so I'm here to get an answer from the experts. If some 1 could just list the top 5 fastest Keyboard Switches in order
  7. yeah 1 reason im kinda tempted to change CPUs is also because I cannot figure out how to OC my 9900k with this motherboard and get a stable result with BFV. Z390 Aorus Master. Like ive gotten stable OCs with testing with prime95 but in BFV I get weird performance issues that I dont get if CPU is stock. Cant seem to figure out why its like this but if I use the OC button on my MOBO to OC my CPU than it works fine on BFV. So my theory is that this MOBO is very good in the hardware aspect but its software is not dummy friendly, like u have to know what each setting does in order for it to work pr
  8. Battlefield V only game I play. Im using a 360hz monitor and have my entire system geared towards maximum FPS while using a config file for BFV. So just trying to see if upgrading is even worth it right now
  9. What would be the best CPU for gaming only at 1080p Lowest settings and getting highest FPS right now. Currently have a 9900k so was also wondering if anything else out right now would be even worth upgrading
  10. Trying to figure out if I should be using G-Sync or not. I want the least amount of input lag while maintaining visual clarity in motion. So I only play Battlefield V but Im trying to figure out if I should set a fixed refresh rate @ 360hz or use G-SYNC. I cap my in-game FPS to 350. Frames stay between 130-350 in game. with AVG. FPS around 170-180. Maybe im splitting hairs but I just wonder is GSYNC beneficial in this scenario or am I just defeating the purpose of having a 360hz display since the game I play doesnt stay consistently over 300 fps. So cuz G-SYNC syncs ur monitor refr
  11. Trying to figure out if the EVGA card has enough power to power the Shure SM7b without having to turn the signal all the way up because when doing that you get static noise
  12. MIC: SHURE SM7B HEADPHONES: beyerdynamic DT 770 STUDIO 80 ohm Basically im trying to figure out if this sound card (EVGA NU AUDIO - https://www.evga.com/articles/01281/evga-nu-audio/ ) has enough power to power my SHURE SM7B dynamic mic. I also am using a cloudlifter CL-1 to boost the signal by +25dB. Currently im using the SoundBlaster K3+ Audio interface to power my headphones and microphone and I wanted to switch to just using the EVGA Soundcard because it has higher audio quality for both my Audio In and Audio Out puts.
  13. Simply would like an answer or a link to a video of tests done on a OC 9900k @5.0ghz+ to figure out exactly the best AIO or Air Cooler for the 9900k being OCed. Dont care about price or decibal levels, simply just want the best thermal performance AIO or Air Coolers only? thanks for the help
  14. Lower CL works in a way, how so? by doing what?