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  1. any chance on how i could measure if it is the psu?
  2. alright the DDU is done, say if the issue returns what would be the problem?
  3. it is working good now almost 10min into furmark at almost 100% gpu usage, is there a correct way to delete drivers or just go to device management and delete them?
  4. it was while playing apex currently running furmark at max 68C
  5. So my inno3d rtx 3070 came in today and i installed it but while playing apex legends my pc just shutsdown and restarts, any idea how to fix this? cpu : ryzen 5 2600 / stock cooler mobo: msi x470 gaming plus psu: corsair rm 650w
  6. do i have to remove windows from my ssd which it is on, since there is more than the OS on that ssd
  7. so far i dont see any beta bios for my mobo i have a msi x470 gaming plus
  8. if i would like put all my files and games on another ssd i could save the hassle of reinstalling?
  9. so if i want to reinstall windows do i have to delete the one installed on my ssd or can i just use that ssd and reinstall and would this cause any issues with other programs i have installed?
  10. So i am planning on upgrading to a amd ryzen 5 5600x and a b550 motherboard. Currently running ryzen 5 2600 on a x470 board. Now my question was if i need to reinstall windows or that i can just plug my ssds in and everything will just work fine. If anyone could clear this up for me that would be nice.