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  1. So i finally got a pc, all second hand components i5 6400 2x8gb ram 2133mHz asus z170m plus mobo iGPU (looking for a good deal on a rx 580, should buy in next few days) 500W psu, rocket fish gaming, i know, im sorry, no name power supply, however this is 80 plus certified so i thought this model would be ok 500 gb 850 evo ssd cpu and mobo were 220 16gb ram was 50 psu was 25 but was brand new, unopened plastic packaging bought a cheap $160 build which had the ssd, MAY BE IMPORTANT, when i tested the build which had this SSD before i bought it,
  2. Hey which gpu config would be faster and would I be bottlenecked my cpu is i7 4930k
  3. same question as dude under me Buying a used system wiht a i7 4820k, comes with a gt 610 im looking on the used market Would that cpu bottleneck a rx570, rx580, or a gtx1060 Or am i all good and can play all the warzone i want
  4. I have the same question as OP and i hope u can help me, im buying a used system with a i7 4820k, what gpu can i get that wont bottle neck the system for 200-250CAD, rx570, rx580, gtx1060, I found all those for about 200 used
  5. Paying 700CAD for this used system Fractal Design Define Mini-C Window Case Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Motherboard AMD Ryzen 3 2200G @ 3.5 GHz 16 GB ADATA XPG 2400 DDR4 Dual-Channel RAM ASUS Turbo NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB 250 GB ADATA SU800 Boot SSD 2 TB Western Digital Red Hard Drive Corsair CX650M Semi-Modular Power Supply D-Link DWA-582 PCI-E Wi-Fi Adapter Windows 10 Home (Clean Install) 2 x BenQ GL2450 24” Monitors (with Built-In Speakers) Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse
  6. I’m buying someone’s used pc from a local site and I’m pretty happy with the specs but I’m wondering if there are any common traps to avoid
  7. Oh my god dude thank you so much. And thanks so much for the release times. But for the link u sent, it says I don’t have permission.
  8. This is my first build ever and I have no experience I was aiming for about $2000 CAD and was had few wishes I would be needing a tower, dual monitors, keyboard and maybe mouse (I have a $2 wireless mouse from Ebay so mouse isn't mandatory) -Gaming, does well in games I want to play (Warzone, Apex, Overwatch, R6) -General computing stuff, Uni homework -Dual monitors, 1440p ~90hz, (For gaming kinda looking for something in this ball park) (If I had to pick one, I would want dual 1080p monitors) -Don't care about aesthetics of tower, don't need RGB, but keyboard and