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  1. I'm still waiting for motherboard shipment so can't test it at this moment but you know what, I'll borrow a 2k 27" and do a side by side comparison, scaled down 2k on 4k and 2k on 2k. If that'll be the case that there's no difference or it even looks better on 4k then I guess it'll be another GN950 for me as a side monitor for smooth 144Hz browser scrolling
  2. The reason I want WQHD is that in most graphic heavy titles I won't get 4k, 144Hz on ultra settings. So I'd have to crank something down, resolution, settings or accept 60Hz. I'd be fine with that on budget PC. It's like that joke with a car. If I paid for the whole speedometer I'm gonna use whole speedometer And yes, I was considering both 27GN950 EDIT If 2k resolution would look the same on native 4k and 2k monitors then it wouldn't be a problem and I could have one monitor that does it all but as I understand it PC needs to do interpolation to display 2k on 4k monitor
  3. Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing 2x 27" monitors side by side. Computer will be used 50/50 for working and gaming. So the idea is to have UHD as main work monitor and WQHD as gaming monitor. By putting both of them on ergotron lx arm I could easily center one or the other on the desk, depending on the use case. So I've already got LG 27GN950-B as the main UHD monitor (could be used for gaming in lighter titles). But I can't decide on the side WQHD gaming monitor. I was thinking about 27" Samsung G7 but will this be acceptable with the curve when used as a side monitor
  4. Wasn't sure what happens when playing on a lower resolution, but yeah, that makes sense. I'll get the 1440p gaming and 4k for work then. Thanks! I'll add some premium VESA arm to make reorganizing the monitors as easy as possible.
  5. Hey guys, I'm building home office/gaming setup with the upcoming top big Navi card that hopefully will be competitive with RTX 3080. I'm decided on the two 27" flat panels side by side but can't decide on the specs; the choice boils down to two options: The primary monitor for both working and gaming (4k, >144Hz), and second only for working (4k, 60Hz). Because graphic cards performance is not there yet some games will be played on scaled-down 2k for higher refresh rate. The primary monitor only for working (4k, 60Hz), and second for gaming (2k, >144Hz). In thi
  6. Thanks a lot for replies and suggestions! Prices in Poland aren't too good. Linked PCPartPicker is filling the whole budget. I could save some bucks on german Amazon as you said but nothing too crazy, around 100 USD. I just can't go with Nvidia, no support for Wayland and buggy drivers are killing me right now. What motherboard would you recommend? Something like Aorus eliter or lower? I've never done any OC but wanted to try some with the new build. Will downgrading motherboard limit my possibilities? Another thought crossed my mind. The plan w
  7. Budget (including currency): 2 500 USD / 2 300 EUR / 10 500 PLN Country: Poland Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Android Studio, Android emulator, VS Code, docker Games: Doom Eternal, Anno 1800, GTA 5... Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I'm looking for an upgrade to my work/gaming pc. I'm doing android development on Linux and some gaming from time to time.Typical dev workflow consists of running mul
  8. @TwilightLink are you dual-booting with Windows? If so Windows have a fast-boot option enabled by default which doesn't really turns off you computer but rather keeps it hibernated. Because of that your Linux system can't properly mount shared drive and is doing a fallback to read-only mount. To fix it you'd simply need to disable fast boot in Windows and reboot the computer
  9. If you want the system as a full package Mint is your best shot. All essential software is preinstalled, Nvidia drivers out of the box. Cinnamon as desktop environment is just great and what is most important coherent and good looking with default themes. It's a subtle plus but imo a big one when a system is your daily driver. The whole ecosystem is integrated on a better level than other distros. Styling, system updates, timeshift, keyboard shortcuts etc. There're lots of those small details that are polished without the need for you tinkering in the config files. I'm often doing a system s