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  1. I managed to easily install it by downloading via Parallel desktop. Thank you!
  2. wouldn´t it technically be possible to use Boot Camp or Parallel to then get the installation tool on to the flash drive?
  3. I appreciate it! Apple never ceases to annoy me.
  4. What I meant by trying to install windows on the flash drive drive was that it kept labeling it as the c:drive
  5. Hello, Finally got to flashback my bios after the fourth try; but with success of course come along more problems: I managed to put the windows installation tool from my mac onto a flash drive and everything went fine in « installing windows » until it kept crashing and creating partitions. It then could not go any further once I got to the update part and found out it may have been due to it trying to install it on the flash drive. Without the flash drive however, all the other drives are undetected. So I moved everything over from my flash to m
  6. I actually got it to post after the fourth flashback on version 2.60 Now just struggling with updating windows but I’ll make a fresh topic!
  7. Praise the lord! Hope Usb-drive bios flashbacks for every motherboard is next. Such a huge selling point; how are Asus and MSI the only ones.
  8. Well that´s no fun A1 censoring by the way. I appreciate the help.
  9. You´re goddamn right! Might as well wait for RDNA 3 now until the prices stabilize.
  10. You´re completely right It could be the CPU, I just thought there´s no way a brand spanking new CPU would not work. Also forgot to mention but it seems the 2.80 version corrupted my bios and even with the 3700x I couldn´t reboot my system. Maybe the main problem is that Macbooks dont recognize it as a zipfile? Tried unzipping it with no success. Not too familiar with macbooks but I think it unzipped it on its own. Thank you german brother
  11. I assume we all like building computers. What in your opinion is the worst part about it? Troubleshooting? Cable management? Connection panel headers on a itx system? Itx Systems? Troubleshooting can be quite frustrating, but isn´t it also awesome to grow more knowledgable, and if so is it worth the agony of losing all your precious hair?
  12. Also dont know if this makes a difference but I downloaded the Bios from their website on a mac and it didnt say zip file under format type it just said "document".
  13. Hello everyone! Just recently built a system with a 5800x and a Asrock Ph-Gaming itx tb3. The system kept rebooting after 20 seconds so I thought that the seller just didnt flash the Bios. I then ordered a 3700x off of Amazon (yay Return policies!), was able to get to get it to post but after trying version 2.80 and then 2.60 It still didnt post with my newer CPU. The upgrade itself showed no error codes or anything. I checked for any loose ram, gpu or cpu afterwards but nothing. I´m in desperate need of help haven´t been able to pown noobs fo
  14. Hypothetically if one were to buy a gpu for 1440p gaming, would 8gb of vram on a 256 bit bus be enough to cover you for 3-4 years? I don't wanna upgrade in 2 years already but the games I pretty much only play are bigger/more demanding titles. What in your opinion would be the minimum amount of bandwidth to "futureproof" 1440 p gaming at high resolutions? And is it reason enough to not buy a 3070 and to wait for RDNA2 but maybe not getting either cards. (SI: I don't wanna go into 3080 price territory, not that I'd most likely get one anyway.)
  15. Thank you makes a lot of sense !