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  1. I do agree, but that's an unknown for now It will prolly give me alot of down time, so my plan would be to pick a new mobo and sell the replacement (IF the RMA sticks)
  2. Hello everyone Due to inept handling I destroyed my B450 tomahawk max see thread HERE So im in the market for a new mobo Parts that I have: ryzen 3600 bequiet 700W system power 9 samsung 1tb evo sata 256gb samsung m.2 NVM rtx 2070 artic freezer 13 co (bought adaptor kit) coolermaster silencio 452 Main use will be gaming, I have 3 system fans (cpu fan NOT included) Also, i don't care for aesthetics or RGB My budget is around 150 euro, I live in western europe (prices are ~10 pct higher then US) I would prefer a B550 mobo unless
  3. Thanks for the reply I think so too Bonus question: i can RMA the board as it is still well within warranty Do you think they will accept said RMA?
  4. Hello everyone Specs: B450 tomahawk max and ryzen 3600 psu: 700w bequiet system power 9 rtx 2070 I have the following situation, I wanted to upgrade my cpu cooler: I undid the screws of the stock wraith I noticed some resistance so I slowly pulled the cooler loose, without using too much force, but once the cooler came off, the cpu was attached to it! Probably the cooler paste (MX4) created a vacuum as I had to "slide" the cpu off the cooler as I couldn't even seperate them by just pulling on the cpu So it was pulled from the socket while it was still in th
  5. Wow that's alot of info! I have posted my question all over the internet and yours is the best answer so far Thanks a bundle tbh at this point i would just set xmp, i know so little about oc'ing im going to drop it at this point But since I have the luxury of choosing between 2 ramkits, I would try to determine which one is best for my ryzen 3600 usecase (i realize it will make only a fraction of a difference, but hey why not) So far I am getting very mixed answers, some say the corsair kit others say ballistix because of the die or ma
  6. Hi man 3.3 is the latest bios Fclk is on auto, i had it on 1600mhz, so half of my ram mhz (i reverted to auto after the troubles began) nothing on mclk uclk, didn't see any of those abbreviations in the dram calculator It told me to set voltage to 1.39 i added a screenshot of what it told me to use on the corsair ram https://imgur.com/a/mvLNCXT
  7. Hello ppl Short version: help me choose what ram is best for ryzen 3600 PC SPECS: CPU: Ryzen 3600 (stock cooler) MOBO: B450 tomahawk max (bios 3.3) SSD: 1tb samsung 860 evo 256 gb SAMSUNG MZNLN256HCHP GPU: MSI 2070 PSU: CM MWE gold 750 LINK TO RAM SPECS View: https://imgur.com/a/Crh783n (both sets are 16 gb - i only "benched" one stick of each set) both sets claim 3200Mhz cl16 at stock Long version: I wanted to get ram for ryzen and oc it using ryzen dram calc I bought the ballistix ram first and tried to oc it with th