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  1. So I bought a rtx 3070 from msi but unfortunately it did not fit in my current case so I started looking for new cases and found the msi MAG forge 100r and liked the look of it but I would like to double check that it would fit and wondered if anyone could help with this the gpu is a msi rtx 3070 gaming X trio. thanks.
  2. Hi so I’m looking at getting a new laptop, mainly college work but I would also use it for movies etc. I was looking at the HP Envy x360 13 mainly for the Ryzen cpu and the good price. But if anyone has any other recommendations that would be great thanks.
  3. Hey, so I’m looking to upgrade from my 1060 3GB to the 3070 when it is released and I was wondering if people think it would place and bottlenecks on my CPU which is a i5 8600KF?
  4. For an air cooler what would you recommend, i was thinking about a noctua NH U12S chromax.black
  5. If you think a air cooler would be a good way to go what wold you recommend? and do noctua still sell the black coolers?
  6. Hey, so im looking at moving to an AIO from an intel stock cooler for a couple of reasons, 1:to look better, 2:better performance and 3:im changing to a new cpu so i need a new cooler. However i need a 120mm as my case does not support a 240. So the ultimate question is what 120mm AIO would you recommend for LGA 1151?
  7. Moderate gaming and general use so games like COD, GTA, Forza 4 at 1080 120hz
  8. Hi, so im currently working on a upgrade on my Pc im moving to a I5 9600KF from the I3 8100. Im also looking at upgrading my 1060 3gb to either a 2060S or a 2070S and wondering which would be a better bang for buck?
  9. Thanks, I have now changed the GPU to the RX 570 which is saving around £30 and the 3100 is like £100 extra than the 2200g I found so that does not make a whole lot of sense for me.
  10. They want it to be as new as possible im using a few used parts such as CPU, GPU and RAM
  11. Hey, so im currently working on a list for my friend who is on a very strict budget of £350. He has asked for a pc for genral use and some lite gaming. This is the list i have came up with at this point any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g MBoard: ASRock A320M-HDV RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4gb 3000Mhz GPU:GTX 970 PSU:Corsair CV450 HDD:WD Blue Case:Some random thing online
  12. I watched this but it did not say to unzip it or not
  13. Im currently in the process of doing a bios update but im not sure whether i need to unzip the file or not that i downloaded from the msi website. is anybody able to help with this?
  14. Thanks sounds great there is a price drop of £40 for me which is around $50
  15. Hi, so I’m looking to upgrade my pc and I want to change my cpu out from a 8100 to a 9600k and while I was scrolling through amazon there was a 9600kf and I was wondering if this would work fine in a normal system or not as I had a quick look and it seemed to me that the only difference was no integrated graphics chip but I’m not sure if there are any other differences?
  16. Recently we have been having some WiFi issues in our home with disconnections and poor speeds around the house so we upgraded our connection to a 350mbps connection to try and resolve some of our issues however this has not made much of a difference. Now I’m thinking it’s due to the ISPs router unit, it’s a Virgin media super hub 3.0. So I’m thinking of buying a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR and disabling the WiFi on the virgin hub. Does anyone think this will help resolve my issue? Also if I did get a UAP-AC-LR would I also need the unify cloud key?
  17. Roughly 2 years ago I built my pc and I used a msi Z370 PC PRO and an intel i3 8100. Now i want to upgrade to a i5 9600K but im not sure if it is supported. I think it is and my board would just need a bios update but im not 100%. Could anyone help with this?