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  1. I’ve done some test and figured out my cpu is the problem but it kinda acts dead but then again I’ll clean my cpu and it’ll work for a bit then no response so idk if my cpu is dead
  2. Hi so I got a hyper 212 yesterday day and watched a video on how to put it on and followed everything correctly but now my pc won’t display also my power button doesn’t work the pc turns on at random I’ve tried clearing cmos. pc specs Ryzen 3200g 16gb ram (8x2) Gtx 1060 6gb Asus tuf b450 plus gaming
  3. So I figured it out this card comes in a Lenovo prebuilt sorry I should have just done some more research
  4. He told me that it came from his Lenovo pc
  5. Hello I’ve messaged this guy and supposed to meet up on Sunday but I can’t fine a gtx 1060 that looks like this anyway I don’t if it’s a prebuilt thing or what pls help I don’t want to waste my money
  6. idk i have the asrock b450m ibw and its a pre build mobo
  7. hello people im having a issue where i got 3200 speed memory but when i try setting it to that it cycle boots for like 3 times then the speed goes back to 2133 ive tried with xmp and without
  8. Yea I figured but now I’ve tested all my power supplies and I keep having the same problem and ideas?
  9. how could i check that i think it might just be bad cause it didnt know this till i bought it but it came out in 2005 so i think it might just be bad
  10. hello people of the web i have recently got a antec 550 wat power supply and after two hours of use i crashed in gta i thought nothing of it and went on but after a day i was blue screen and more game crashes so i went to my psu to a 430 wat psu and i think it coundn't handle my specs and i still have a 500 wat psu i have't tried but wondering if my power supply was the issue or is somthing else sorry about spelling here are my specs cp:ryzen 3 3200g gpu:rx 580 8gb ram:ripjaws 16gb 3200 2x8 psu: pending
  11. hello everyone ive already set my ram to max in windows setting but i still dont have access to all my ram and i was wondering if my vega 8 igpu has somthing with it
  12. ok im new to stuff like this and thanks for spreading your wisdom to me
  13. Hello everyone reading this I am concerned about my cpu bottle necking my gpu I have a rx 580 8gb for my gpu and my cpu is the ryzen 3200g and I noticed when I play games like apex legends and borderlands 3 my gpu is usually at 100% and my cpu is about at 60 to 80%. I’m new to the pc area so I was wondering if this is ok or whatever.
  14. ok thank yo so much just ordered some fans