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    i9 9900K
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    MSI Z390 Pro Carbon
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    Powercolor Red Devil 6800 XT

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  1. This is coming from a 6800 XT owner - if I were you I’d go for the 3080 or 3080 Ti. Don’t get me wrong I am perfectly happy with my 6800 XT as I don’t play many games that have ray tracing (with the exception of Metro Exodus). But the RT performance of Nvidia is better and the fact that they have DLSS makes the 3080 or 3080 Ti the better choice especially if there are similar-ish prices.
  2. Even though the 1080 Ti was an excellent card for its time I wouldn’t pay 500+ Euro for what is basically a 3-4 year old GPU.
  3. The best CPU you can have on your motherboard is a 9900K. It might be worth an upgrade to the 9900K if you can sell your 9700K and get a good deal on the 9900K. Personally I would not upgrade your motherboard yet (especially with DDR5 around the corner) - you are better off waiting a few years. The 9900K will give you a year or two of extra good performance because it has double the threads of your current CPU. Whether it is worth upgrading to a 3080 Ti depends on the type of games you play. AAA games or mostly Esports? If it is the latter then stick with your current combo 9700K and 3070
  4. The 3080 will allow you to keep your desired level of performance for longer (more ‘future proof’ if you like). For example with the 3070 you might need to upgrade in 2-3 years whereas you might get an extra year or two from the 3080. It also depends on the type of games you play. If it’s mainly less demanding older games / esports then the 3070 is sufficient especially at 1080p. If you want to play the latest AAA games (with RT) then an upgrade to the 3080 is a good move.
  5. Could be the PSU. Perhaps try a different / new one.
  6. Yeah I thought as much. I’m thinking of the K70 tenkeyless although it doesn’t come with brown switches or a USB pass through. And yes I have considered going full custom but the prices are beyond what I want to pay for a keyboard.
  7. I currently have a Hyper X Elite RGB with cherry mx brown switches. It is a great keyboard but takes up too much desk space. So I am looking for a tenkeyless keyboard with the following criteria: 1. Brown switches 2. USB pass through 3. Dedicated volume control 4. RGB I’ve done a fair bit on searching online but can’t seem to find anything that has all these features. Does anyone know of such a keyboard?
  8. A 3070 (or a 3080) will be a huge upgrade from a 1070 especially at 1440 144Hz. You will definitely notice a big difference in performance. However you might need to upgrade your CPU to get the most performance out of a new card. So basically if you feel the 1070 is lacking in performance then an upgrade will definitely make a difference. Alternatively you could hold out for the next generation of GPUs but that is likely to be late 2022 or maybe even 2023.
  9. It’s highly unlikely that a GTX 1080 will be worth more in two years time. Even if the market holds it will be 6-7 years old by then and also the next generation cards will be out by then too. So in other words you might get something for it but definitely not more than you paid for it now.
  10. A monitor is one of the few PC parts that you can actually grow into, which is a kind of future proofing. As you already know a 1070 will not get you high FPS in AAA games (only Esports games). But when you get your 3080 you will definitely be able to make use of the high refresh rate (maybe not 240 FPS though) but more than a 1070.
  11. Definitely a 6800XT. I made the upgrade and saw a huge increase in performance.
  12. Doesn’t fast RAM have more of an effect with Ryzen rather than Intel? I was under the impression that RAM speed doesn’t really make much of a difference with Intel CPUs.
  13. This is true in my experience - I tried overclocking my 9900K to 5 GHz on all cores and it just used more power and creates more heat for not much more performance. I now leave it stock and don’t notice any difference. The same is true for my 6800 XT. If I overlock it I might see a difference in a benchmark such as Time Spy but it is not noticeable when gaming. And again it just uses more power which equals more heat. So unless you really need that small amount of extra performance which is not really noticeable in everyday use, then you’re better off leaving things running at stock sett
  14. It was a good card in its day but I wouldn’t pay that much for it to be honest. 900 usd seems a bit much for a 3 year old GPU. If you wait a bit longer for prices to come down you might be able to get a better deal on a 30 series card but of course that’s up to you.