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  1. In my opinion, it's not worth paying more for a high end lower tier card than a low end higher tier card. In other words don't pay more for a 3070 than you would for a 3080. Some may argue that higher end cards are cooler and can overclock better, but they stiil won't outperform the higher tier card (which can also be overclocked).
  2. 4K high refresh is still a few years away as the 'sweet spot' for gaming. Yeas, there are GPUs that will give you high frame rates at 4K, but these are still high end cards and tend to be quite expensive. You also have to consider monitor size - for 27 inches 1440p is sufficient in terms of pixel density (in my opinion). If you are going with a 32 inch monitor or bigger, then 4K is the better option.
  3. I have both a 24.8 inch 1080p and 27 inch 1440p monitor (both 165 Hz). The 1440p monitor is noticeably sharper and look much better in games. if I were you I would get a 1440p 144 Hz monitor because right now it is the sweet spot for gaming and you will grow into it rather than buying a 1080p monitor now and upgrading in a few years.
  4. Resolution is an important factor here - at 1080p and in some games 1440p the CPU will probably be the bottleneck when paired with a 3090. At 4K though the CPU is unlikely to be the bottleneck, especially in AAA games. And who buys a 3090 to play at 1080p? I would think that if you are considering a 3090 then you probably should be gaming at 4K.
  5. The 2070 Super is not worth 800 dollars. Wait a bit until things calm down in the GPU market. Don't pay over the odds now and regret it in the future.
  6. I had a 5700XT and to be honest I never had any problems with drivers. This could be because I bought my card after all the initial problems had been fixed (in November 2019). I now have a 6800 and have not had any issues with this card either. So overall my experience with AMD cards has been nothing but positive. And yes I have owned Nvidia cards (1060, 1070, 1080, 2070 and 3070) and I never had any problems with them either.
  7. Watch the first 30 seconds of this video - it is basically the best way to apply thermal paste.
  8. Have you tried Throttlestop?
  9. Probably not - in future just be careful with the voltage.
  10. It’s highly unlikely that you have done long- lasting damage to your CPU running it at that voltage for 1 second so if it still works normally then you are fine. If you were run it at that voltage for a long period of time then you might shorten the life span of the CPU but for one second it will be fine.
  11. From the videos I’ve seen on YouTube, it looks like a major pain in the you-know-what to run an external GPU via the Wi-Fi slot of a laptop.So much trouble in fact that it is probably easier just to buy a new system instead.
  12. I don't see the point in paying more a 'factory OC' when in reality you can OC both cards to achieve the same performance.
  13. I agree - why did Nvidia release the 3060 Ti right after the 3070? It makes no sense as they are very close in performance. It would have made more sense to release a 3060 rather than a 3060 Ti and then a 3050 later on. And after a year or so, release Ti/Super versions of the cards.
  14. I would guess that the 3050Ti will have similar performance to a 2060 Super or maybe a 2070 (non Super). The 3060 (non Ti, if released) will have similar performance to a 2070 Super.
  15. The 3060 Ti is a better card than the 2070 Super. If you have a choice get the 3060 Ti.